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United 24 Awards: All Rootes show and Concour d'Elegance

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Jim Anderson, 3rd Stock Alpine


George and Margaret Howard, 2nd Stock Alpine


Ted Casey, 1st Stock Alpine


Jean Webber for hubby John, 2nd Stock Tiger


Lori Fitzgerald and Dan 1st Stock Tiger, presented by Mike Smith


David Kellogg, 3rd Personalized Alpine


Michele and Brad Bapp, 2nd Personalized Alpine


Bob and Kathy Parker, 1st Personalized Alpine


Penny and Dale "Tom" Sandusky, 1st Personalized Tiger


George Hummel, Best Sunbeam Talbot


Jean Trace & Bob Webb, 3rd Premier


Bob & Judy Sharkey, 2nd Premier


Jim & Pat Morrison, 1st Premier


Jim & Carlotta Anderson and Fred & Jane Slagenweit, Tie, best original unrestored Alpine


David Renia & Donna Koretsky and Wes Rittenhouse, Tie Diamond-n-the Rough


Bob and Judy Sharkey, most desirable Alpine


John and Jean Webber, Most desirable Tiger