United 36: Competition Winners


1st Place Stock Tiger:Rob Harter (70.032)
1st Place Street Prepared Tiger:John Logan Jr. (55.370)
1st Place Modified Tiger:Greg Christiansen (57.491)
1st Place Street Prepared Alpine:David Swanger (76.783)
1st Place Modified Alpine:Jeff Fralick (55.814)
Fastest Time of Day:John Logan Jr. (55.370)

Concours d'Elegance

1st Place Stock TigerRick & Colleen Combs 67 Mk2
2nd Place Stock TigerGilles Blais (66 Mk1a)
3rd Place Stock TigerHank Hughes (67 Mk1a)
1st Place Personalized TigerNick and Carolyn Kintner (67 Mk2)
2nd Place Personalized TigerRick McCurdy (67 Mk2)
3rd Place Personalized TigerTom & Deb Hillman (67 Mk1a)
1st Place Stock AlpineBob & Judy Sharkey 67 SV Alpine
2nd Place Stock AlpineGordon Ewald
1st Place Personalized AlpineSy Block (63 SIII)
2nd Place Personalized AlpineDan Richardson (67 SV)

Other Classes

1st Place Rare RootesEric & Bonnie Gibeaut (63 Harrington)
1st Place Premier ClassValerie & Eric Smyder (64 SIII)
Most Desireable TigerChuck & Faye Hall (65 MkI)
Most Desireable AlpineSy Block (63 SIII)

Other Awards

Longest Distance Traveled in a Rootes VehiclePam & Tom Jeffers (987 miles one way)
Keith Porter Award (Alpine):David Swanger
Keith Porter Award (Tiger):John Logan Jr.
Wally Swift Award:John Logan Jr.
Lord Rootes Trophy:Russ Eschelman

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