Find other instructions for the new membership site here.

General Profile Fields

When you click on the Profile link in the top navigation, you land on the page which is VIEWING (3) your Member Info, including your member number, address, etc., travelers’ aide info, and information about your cars.

Viewing is what other members see when they look at your directory listing

We’ll address the Settings and Forums links later in this document.

Clicking on Edit (4) opens all the fields in your profile. It also changes the navigational options in the screen to what you see at the right.

This is where you can add or edit information about yourself and your cars.

Member Info (1): includes your name, address and phone number.

Travelers aid (2) is new: Connect with other members on their travels.

Vehicle 1 thru 5 (3) Include as much or as little information as you’d like about up to 5 of your cars. You’re not limited to only Rootes Group cars!


For each field you add or change, you can also set the Visibility of that information.

There is a link at each field allowing you to change who can see your info,

The choices for each item on the list are: Everyone, Only Me, All Members

All member info is private!

You can’t hide your name. But by design, no random people can view the directory information.

You can also make changes on the Settings page (discussed later)

Profile Images

Change profile photo (5): That’s the little picture in the circle.
You can upload a picture from your computer, let the website use the camera on your computer, if you have one. Or if you have a Gravatar, it will automatically show up. (If you’re curious about that, click the Gravatar link in the content on that page to learn more)

Change Cover Image (6) is the larger image at the top of the profile. For best results, that should be a wide image. 1300px by around 225px tall. (72 dpi is plenty). The system will choose something close to the center (vertically) to fit the space. Or size your image appropriately.

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