Update on the United 37

Early registration extended to August 20

-Sy Block

Tech Sessions Announced

When I purchased my Tiger in January 2014, it came equipped with Dale Akuszewski’s front end. Being relatively new to the Tiger world, I had only recently heard of Dale and of his modifications to Tigers.  Then I received a phone call from him letting me know he is planning to drive his black fuel injected Tiger from San Bernardino, California to the United. We’re excited to have him offer a tech session on some of the modifications and the parts that he’s designed specifically for Tigers. While we respect those purists who wish to remain stock and honor the original designs of the cars, it’s now over 50 years since the first Tigers were produced. Seeing some of the potential for change has been a real eye-opener.

Another presenter at one of our tech sessions will be Rick McLeod of Sunbeam Specialties, Inc. We’ve all probably spoken to Rick, but this is an opportunity to really appreciate how the parts are sourced and constructed and what goes into the manufacturing of the various parts he produces. I doubt that any of us could have gotten through a restoration or even most repairs without resorting to Rick’s inventory. His knowledge of parts and applicability is always astounding.

Brad Phillips has also sourced a presentation by two members of the Penn Grade oil company (formerly Brad Penn). Their high-performance oil seminar should be of interest to all of us in not only maintaining our cars in top condition but to also better appreciate obtaining the best performance possible.

Sunday Drive Activities

First up is a visit to the Cradle of Aviation Museum www.cradleofaviation.org. The 14-mile drive to the museum includes some highway driving which will allow our cars to open up a little. You’ll have a couple hours to see over 75 air and space craft in eight galleries chronicling 100 years of aerospace adventure.

Then we’ll take a short 2 ½ mile drive through a part of Garden City with spectacular homes for lunch at the world famous Grimaldi’s (grimaldisgardencity.com).

We will have every kind of pizza and every kind of salad they offer. If you’ve never had New York pizza, this will be the best opportunity to do it.

Sunday Autocross

The Autocross will be at Splish Splash Waterpark in Riverhead, on Sunday. (www.splishsplash.com/ )Dale Akeszewski has signed up for the Autocross which should make for some interesting West Coast competition.  The trials will all be calculated by SCCA rules and will be tabulated by Bryan Jesia, the SCCA rep for Long Island.

Getting the Word Out

In mid-July, I attended an auto show at Chelsea Mansion, approximately 10 minutes from our host hotel. This is another of the Robber Baron mansions in the area that now serves as a venue for weddings and corporate events. As mine was the only Sunbeam on display, there was a lot of interest. I handed out flyers about our Concours and was pleased to get positive responses, especially when I explained that we would have many more Rootes vehicles there.

To that end we need you and your cars to come to New York. I know some people have expressed concerns about their trip to the “Big Apple,” but with a little planning and adherence to the proposed routes, your trip should be uneventful and, hopefully, enjoyable.

Our hotel is located in one of the best communities in Long Island. We’ve arranged for security in the parking lots. The concours venue offers covered picnic pavilions only steps from the beach, comfort facilities and the cars’ show field. The plans are all in place and I hope to provide a few extra surprises including a display of my own personal Sunbeam art collection in the hospitality room…so please join us.

Want to be in the know at the event?

We need volunteers, especially with registration throughout the day on Thursday. The registration desk will be in the parts room and adjacent to the hospitality room. Please contact me via email or cell phone listed below.

Safe driving and looking forward to seeing everyone in September.

Sy Block


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  1. Hello Sy-
    I can’t believe we have to miss your United – it looks like you have done a fantastic job of organizing this one, and I have no doubt it will be one of the best Uniteds ever. (Maybe… The Best!) Well, we are enjoying our travels (planned before we knew the United dates), and its better to have too much to do than too little. We are looking forward to hearing all about this years event, and congratulations (in advance) for your success. Most of all: THANK YOU!

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