Concours Winners

Stock Tiger

  1. Bruce Paul: MK IA
  2. Chris Boyer: MK II

Personalized Tiger

  1. Dale Anderson: MK I
  2. Clyde McLaughlin: MK IA
  3. Robert Sparks: MK I

Modified Tiger

  1. Kevin Klotzbach: MK I
  2. Barry Schoenberger: MK I

Stock Alpine

  1. Alex Peterson: Series V

Personalized Alpine

  1. Chris McCarthy: Series V

Modified Alpine

  1. David Swanger: Series V

Rare Rootes

  1. Bob and Jean Webb
    ‘62 Harrington Le Mans
  2. Joe and Kerch
    ‘54 Sunbeam Talbot

Drive and Shine

  1. Phil Schaefer

Autocross Winners

  • Stock Tiger:
    Doug Jennings
  • Personalized Tiger:
    Rich McCurdy
  • Modified Tiger
    1. Barry Schoenberger
    2. Ron Stein
  • Personalized Alpines: Chris McCarthy
  • Modified Alpines:
    Dave Swanger
  • Fastest Time of the Day: Barry Schoenberger 53.617

Popular Vote

  • Most Desirable Alpine: Mitch Petersen: Alpine IV
  • Most Desirable Tiger:
    Rick McCurdy: Tiger Mk II
  • Most Desirable Rare Rootes: Bob & Jean Webb: Harrington Le Mans
  • Most Desirable Rootes: Bob & Jean Webb: Harrington Le Mans

Major Club Awards

  • Keith Porter Award
    • Alpine: Dave Swanger
    • Tiger: Barry Schoenberger
  • Wally Swift Award:
    Rick McCurdy
  • Lord Rootes:
    Doug Jennings

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