United XXXVII Winners

Congratulations to the winners at the Autocross and Concours d’Elegance
and to the club members with special awards

Special TEAE Awards

Wally Swift AwardJohn Logan, Jr
Keith Porter Award for AlpineJeff Fralick
Keith Porter Award for TigerJohn Logan, Jr
Hard Luck AwardGordon and Sadeea Foss
Lord Rootes AwardNot Awarded


Modified Alpine

Jeff Fralick38.171966 Alpine V
Wayne Tubbs44.3511966 Alpine V

Stock Tiger

Leslie Hall47.4911965 Tiger I

Street Prepared Tiger

John Logan, Jr37.652
Fastest Time of the Day
1967 Tiger II

Other TEAE Member

Rick McCurdy37.9532003 Lotus Esprit


Stock Alpine

Bob Webb1965 Alpine IV
Bert Szuck1962 Alpine II
David Reina1967 Alpine V

Personalized Alpine

Steve Towle1967 V6 Alpine/Tiger
Joe and Kerch McConlogue1967 Alpine V
Bruce Quarles1963 Alpine III

Stock Tiger

James Lindner1965 Tiger I
Wayne Pierzga1967 Tiger II
Gilles Blais1966 Tiger IA

Personalized Tiger

Dale and Diane Akuszewski1964 Tiger I
Robert Jaarsma1964 Tiger MKI
Tom Hillmann1967 Tiger IA

Rare Rootes

Gordon and Saeeda Foss1954 Sunbeam Alpine

Premier Rootes

Clyde and Valerie McLaughlin1966 Tiger IA

Popular Vote

Most Desirable AlpineBert Szuck1962 Alpine II
Most Desirable TigerDale Akuszewski1964 Tiger I
Most Desirable Rare RootesGordon and Saeeda Foss1954 Sunbeam Alpine
Most Desirable Rootes VehicleGordon and Saeeda Foss1954 Sunbeam Alpine
Long Distance AwardDale AkuszewskiFrom California in a 1964 Tiger I
Diamond in the RoughRobert Harter1964 Tiger I