Hotel Reservations for United 37: Long Island, NY


Glen Cove Mansion

Glen Cove Mansion
Room fee is $139/night.
valid Monday, September 10 thru Thursday, September 20
That’s FOUR days on either side of our event!
Glen Cove Mansion
200 Dosoris Lane, Glen Cove
NY, 11542 USA

IMPORTANT: To get the rate, make your reservations with this link

2 Comments on “Hotel Reservations for United 37: Long Island, NY

  1. Anyone else having the problem I’ve had? Can’t book a room at Glen Cove Mansion. Having been a TEAE member for 25 years, it’s just not possible that our membership has booked every room 6 months in advance: it’s never happened before!

    Please let us know what’s up.

    Thank you,


  2. Just a quick update: there is no problem booking the hotel from the 10th (Monday) until the United check out on the 17th. Thwe problem arises whe you try to add the 3 days after the United. I’m addressing thjis with the hotel and it shouild be resolved by Wednesday April 11.

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