28 minutes of film of Sunbeams at the United in Staunton, VA

Thanks to Clark Vergaso who filmed all this!
Showing Concours, Cars, AutoCross… all kinds of stuff you might have missed.

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Many thanks to all the folks that PUT TOGETHER THIS WONDERFUL MEET!

My son Daniel and I had some great time together on the trip up from Greenwood,SC accompanied by my good friend Allan Ballard on the trip driving his Tiger from Atalanta, GA.

I bought the ’67 SV Alpine ST color code 106 Commodore Blue for Daniel back in 1984. He drove the wheel off, went into the ARMY. He gave up ownership to me along the way. I stored it until a few years ago and put it on the Rotisserie for complete restoration.

With the continous warm to hot and back to warm weather in Sunny SC, I installed a Vintage Air Heat &A/C unit when it still had the original 1725. Drove it for a few years then traded out the engine for a ’77 Mustang II 2.8 V6. Did my own conversion components including a very nice set of straight back headers similar to the Tiger system. Kept the Vintage Air and pulled the Alpine heater core and fan assembly for the needed room. Mated the 2.8 V6 to a late model Mustang T5 tranny for some very welcome gears to cruise the highways in a cool Alpine:)

Was able to meet a bunch of folks I had met years ago via E-mail, phone calls and on the various FORUMS such as TEAE & SAOCA. All Great Sunbeam enthusiasts.

Look forward to the next met!

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