Since most of the auto related events this year have been cancelled or delayed, we’ve arranged a virtual tour for you to get out and use your car to compete with other members without any personal contact.

The tour will be open until October 15, 2020. Participation is simple: find a location in one of the listed categories and take a picture of your car with some TEAE item in the picture, and post it on a special Facebook page set up for the tour.

Each location will earn you points as listed. The member with the most points on October 15th will win. There will be a prize (to be announced – watch this space).

Each photo must include:

  • Yourself or a traveling companion (if possible)
  • Your car (any Rootes Vehicle) (see instructions)
  • Any TEAE identifier (RootesReview, United shirt, etc.)
  • Proof of the location such as signs where noted

The Locations

Arch Bridge 2 pt.
Bingo Hall* 2 pt.
Brew Pub2 pt.
Caboose3 pt.
Cantilever Bridge 3 pt.
Carriage House 2 pt.
Chocolatier 2 pt.
Christmas Tree Farm 3 pt.
City Skyline 2 pt.
Commercial Chicken House3 pt.
Courthouse 1 pt.
Covered Bridge4 pt.
Dairy Farm 2 pt.
Dance Club 1 pt.
Diner1 pt.
Diner (railcar style)5 pt.
Dive Shop 3 pt.
Donut Shop 1 pt.
Dragstrip 3 pt.
Duck Pond 3 pt.
Estate Sale 2 pt.
Ferris Wheel4 pt.
Ferry2 pt.
Field of Gold 1 pt.
Field of Green 1 pt.
Grain Silo 1 pt.
Haunted House 2 pt.
Line of Latitude/Longitude* 4 pt.
Martial Arts Studio 1 pt.
Mirrored Glass Building 2 pt.
Neon Sign(s)3 pt.
Oil Well2 pt.
Pet Store 1 pt.
Raceshop 3 pt.
Restoration Shop2 pt.
River Rafting 5 pt.
Roadside Produce Stand 2 pt.
Roundabout 1 pt.
State/County Fair 3 pt.
Solar Field (utility scale)3 pt.
Sunbeam Parts House*4 pt.
Suspension Bridge 4 pt.
Tiger Tom’s Stoplight3 pt.
Tiny House 2 pt.
Trade School 1 pt.
Video Store5 pt.
White Water Rapids 5 pt.
Wind Farm 4 pt.
YMCA* 1 pt.

*means make sure there is a sign in your picture

The Instructions

We have set up a private Facebook group called “TEAE Virtual Tour”.

You will need your own Facebook account. Ask your kids or grandkids how to do that if you don’t have one and need help.

The first thing you need to do is to join the TEAE Virtual Tour group. Click on this link (or type it into a browser):  

You will see a blue button that says + Join Group. Click it and the admin will get a note to add you to the group.  You are now ready to start.

When you get to one of the destinations in the tour, take your picture.

Go to Facebook, then the TEAE Virtual Tour page. In the box “What’s on your mind?” click on “Photo/Video” and select your picture. (This is probably easiest from your phone.) In the description include the location so you get credit.

Check the appropriate box on your form and note the date there.   It will help with confirmations later.

We encourage you to post as you take pictures to add to the fun for everyone. It’s OK if you don’t, but that will reduce the fun for everyone.

Members are also able to comment on one another’s photos. Keep it friendly. We will monitor this page and tabulate scores as members post their visits.

And …  a few footnotes:

  • If your car is in mid-restoration and / or not roadworthy at present, go ahead and use another vehicle.  We’ll think up some appropriate penalty. We may require photographic evidence of the incapacity. Don’t forget your TEAE item for the picture though!
  • If you are visiting a site without a companion, a picture of the car (and TEAE artifact (RootesReview, United shirt, etc.) without you is OK.
  • If you have multiple Rootes vehicles, it’s OK to use more than one.
  • It goes without saying: stay safe!

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