United 24 Winners and Credits

On behalf of the United XXIV Planning team, over one thousand photos are now available for you to view. If you attended the event, enjoy a walk down memory lane. If you did not attend this United, then… Read More

United 24 Photo Gallery

There are over a thousand photos in this collection! Both thumbnails and larger pictures. Autocross Awards Autocross Mountain Rallye Miscellaneous All Rootes and Concour d’Elegance Banquet Capitol Tour Concours All Rootes Show General Hospitality and Parts Mountain Rallye… Read More

United XXIV: Where Your Rootes Meet America’s Roots

By John Webber September 29, 2003 That’s what the publicity said, and this was one United that more than lived up to its promise. Tiger Tom and Joanne Ehrhart – with the help of their capable team –… Read More

United 24 Autocross Rules

Autocross Guidelines and Rules TE/AE encourages participation in the Club’s Autocross events for a fun exhibition of our car’s sporting character. Autocross is a “grassroots” level motor sport using a mini road course outlined by cones (sometimes called… Read More

Sunbeam United XXIV

DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM TO MAIL OR REGISTER ONLINE Please note:  In order to register online, you will have to use Internet Explorer. MORE INFORMATION | HOTEL REGISTRATION The East Coast Sunbeam Mecca for 2003 will be four days… Read More


Hillman, Rapier, Commer, Talbot, Alpine, Tiger, Avenger, Humber, Venezia, IMP Journey to your U.S.A roots in your U.K. ROOTES Plan for a family vacation destination LODGING – DIRECTIONS UNITED TOUR | ITINERARY SUMMARY CONCOURS d’ELEGANCE & ALL ROOTES… Read More