Competition Seminar

United X – 1986 relayed by Bill Miller United X participants were able to meet and share the technical expertise and experiences of guest panelists: Don Sesslar – SCCA National Champion (Alpine), campaigned a Tiger in 1965. Tom… Read More

Pictures of United X – 1986

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Letters to the Editor: Great United X

United X – 1986 This correspondence is to your entire group in care of the United X at Indianapolis. That was an outstanding event that was put together. So many times it is so easy to be critical… Read More

Tech Session: Tires, Tops and Steering

United X 1986 by T. T. Cantwin As basic as the Alpine and Tiger are, there is always an abundance of new ideas, patches and new/old timers willing to share in their knowledge. The tech tip session was… Read More


United X – 1986 by Mike Mooney Where else can you boast good company, fine food, great cars, a world famous racetrack and race environs, and the now famous, world acclaimed annual TE/AE United Golf Tournament. Nowhere but… Read More

Number Please . . .

United X – 1986 As ever, we always have our eyes open for interesting reading. Well-we found some tags worth mentioning at this United: VA   TYGRRR TN   IGOTAV8 GA  TIGRR 8 WI   TIGER 1 PA  2-TIGER PA   1-TIGER… Read More


United X – 1986 The skies had threatened; but Thursday, Friday and Saturday had turned out to be A-okay days. Sunday, well, you can’t have everything …. Early morning was on the dark side, and then the silver… Read More

Special Guest

United X – 1986 Don Sesslar of Columbus, Ohio, was TE/AE’s special guest at the Tenth Anniversary United. Don’s racing experience started with sports cars in 1957 driving a Porsche Spyder finishing 12th that year in SCCA National… Read More


United X – 1986 by Teddy Ax I had the best time there that I can remember having anywhere. Sounds like a lot of drivel I’m sure; but I thought hard about that statement before writing it down…. Read More

United X: 1986 Indy Racetrack

by Sylvia Grubbs Did I actually drive on the Indy 500 track? You bet I did. Wow, what an experience. Let me describe my feelings (before the United) about my husband’s Tiger. Most of the time I looked… Read More