Cooling the Sunbeam Tiger
by Tiger Tom and Chuck King

Since our Tigers were produced in the mid-60’s, one of the things that has continued to be considered a problem has been the cooling system; in particular overheating after extended periods of idling on hot days. Some owners have been successful at cooling their Tigers and some are still trying to keep their Tigers cool. Solutions have been offered that have generally been based on empirical evidence. This is the first fact- and data-based findings published regarding effective cooling solutions for the Tiger and some fan airflow information for Alpines. Our findings are also applicable and maybe of interest to other owners with similar engine cooling configurations with overheating problems. Read the rest

B3 – Stop That Burping Tiger!

Stock Tigers often have a habit of burping out coolant after a hot run. Tigers like to burp immediately after being shut off because the residual engine heat causes localized boiling within the engine block. In addition to… Read More

M10 – Electronic Revcounters

by Chris Barker originally reprinted with permission from THE ALPINE HORN, United Kingdom in 8/85 If things have worked out as Paul Norton and I intended this article should accompany one by him on the intimate details on… Read More

TAC session at British Auto Fayer in Norcross, GA

Tiger TAC session by Tom Hall and Patrick King from STOA at 14th Annual Atlanta British Car and Motorcycle Fayre September 6, 2014 Norcross, GA Any questions call Bill Bulpit   at  770-329-5263 Location:  Historic Downtown Norcross Time: 10:00 am to… Read More

Sunbeam goes to Woodstock

This photo was clipped from the evening news on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. What a story could be told about this adventure. I would sure like to locate the owner of this car.

How do I know my Tiger is real?

A visitor asked: How do you verify that a Tiger is for real and not a fake? The easiest way to identify a “real” Tiger is to determine if it has been authenticated by the TAC process.* If… Read More

Bulletin 67-42: Tiger Modified Oil Filter Line Attaching Point

NUMBER: 67-42 DATE: 3-30-67 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Oil Filter Line MODELS: Tiger SUBJECT: Modified Oil Filter Line Attaching Point A new tie down clip has been introduced in Production to prevent possible rubbing of the oil filter line… Read More

Bulletin 67-28: Alpine V & Tiger 260 Windshield Water Leaks

NUMBER: 67-28 DATE: 2-13-67 GROUP: Body SUBGROUP: Windshield Water Leaks MODELS: Alpine V & Tiger 260 SUBJECT: Windshield Water Leaks As a result of a recent investigation of windshield water leaks, it has been established that, in the… Read More

G2 – Crossmember Crisis is Not That Common

by Jim Anderson Tiger Tales, the newsletter of the California Association of Tiger Owners, carried a rather disturbing editorial, entitled “Time Bomb!”. Written by Herb Mosley, the newsletter’s technical editor, the article begins: “Every Tiger on the road… Read More

E2 – Smooth Shifting Clutch Story

by Rich Bakula My 1965 Tiger (Serial No. B9473202) developed an extreme case of chewed flywheel teeth. This was probably started about 12 years ago by a starter gear, which was hanging up on the shaft. When my… Read More