A5 – New Chassis Number Format: 1970 and after

Rootes and Chrysler U.K. Passenger Cars A new vehicle identification format was introduced in July 1970. Download a PDF of Later model chassis engine number coding New chassis plate example: Chassis No. R G 211 000115 Service Code H AA H Paint Code 108 Trim Code 701 Type Code 211 H 4 Breakdown of details (more…)

Bulletin 68-3: Alpine, Imp, Minx, Arrow
Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness

GROUP: EngineSUBGROUP: Cylinder HeadDATE: 2-28-68 SUBJECT: Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness MODELS: Alpine, Imp, Minx, and Arrow Effective immediately, the cylinder head bolt torque loading figure has been reduced from 48 ft. lbs. to 45 ft. lbs. Please correct the appropriate Service Manuals. NOTE: Check tightness of bolts: Cast Iron Head – HOT Aluminum Head – (more…)

Bulletin 67-21: Imp I & II Engine Oil Leaks

NUMBER: 67-21 DATE: 2-7-67 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Engine Oil Leaks MODELS: Imp I & II SUBJECT: Engine Oil Leaks Imp I Models Recent investigation of reported oil leakage from the oil pan gasket revealed incorrect positioning of the ‘O’ ring seal after routine service. When fitting a new element it is recommended that the following (more…)