A4 – Chassis Codes Issued for Humber Vehicles

Rootes and Chrysler U.K. Passenger Cars Humber chassis engine number coding Humber Hawk Mk. 1 approx. July 1945 to September 1947 Humber Hawk Mk 11 September 1947 to October 1948 Humber Hawk Mk. 111 October 1948 to September 1950 Humber Hawk Mk. 1V September 1950 to September 1952 Humber Hawk Mk. V September 1952 to (more…)

A5 – New Chassis Number Format: 1970 and after

Rootes and Chrysler U.K. Passenger Cars A new vehicle identification format was introduced in July 1970. Download a PDF of Later model chassis engine number coding New chassis plate example: Chassis No. R G 211 000115 Service Code H AA H Paint Code 108 Trim Code 701 Type Code 211 H 4 Breakdown of details (more…)

Bulletin 66-4: 1725cc Crankshaft End Play

NUMBER: 66-4 DATE: July 26, 1966 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Crankshaft End Play MODELS: Alpine V; Hillman Minx VI; Super Minx IV; Humber Sceptre II; Sunbeam Rapier V; Singer Gazelle VI; Singer Vogue IV SUBJECT: Crankshaft End Play – 1725cc Engine Recent reports received from the field indicate excessive crankshaft end play in the 1725 c.c. (more…)

Bulletin 60-189: Anti-Freeze

COOLING No. 189June 9, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS ANTI-FREEZE With the approach of summer, we would remind all Dealers that anti-freeze should be drained from the cooling system of cars during the summer months, otherwise fouling of the cooling system and overheating are liable to occur. In cars which have been sold this (more…)