Cooling the Sunbeam Tiger
by Tiger Tom and Chuck King

Since our Tigers were produced in the mid-60’s, one of the things that has continued to be considered a problem has been the cooling system; in particular overheating after extended periods of idling on hot days. Some owners have been successful at cooling their Tigers and some are still trying to keep their Tigers cool. Solutions have been offered that have generally been based on empirical evidence. This is the first fact- and data-based findings published regarding effective cooling solutions for the Tiger and some fan airflow information for Alpines. Our findings are also applicable and maybe of interest to other owners with similar engine cooling configurations with overheating problems. Read the rest

N5 – Fender Well Cooling Ports

All of the engine cooling aids such as aluminum intake manifolds, header pipes and extra large radiators depend upon dumping their heat into the engine compartment. What’s needed is an under hood cooling system to remove this heat build-up when there is insufficient road speed to pull the hot air out of the bottom of the engine compartment.

N6 – Improved Cooling for Snarled Tigers

The stock Tiger hood latch is set up with a “safety catch” which holds the hood after the striker bolt has released. It has always seemed that when the Tiger was in hot weather, it would run a little cooler with the hood “propped open” in the safety position. This is especially true at slow speeds when the hot air gets trapped in the engine compartment.

S18 – Radiator Hoses

Radiator hose chart

Bulletin 68-12: Arrow & Alpine V Corrosion of Temperature Sender

NUMBER: 68-12 DATE: 6-27-68 GROUP: Cooling SUBGROUP: Temperature Sending Unit MODELS: Arrow & Alpine V SUBJECT: Corrosion Of Temperature Sending Unit Since the introduction in approximately mid-January 1967, of a steel temperature sending unit, fitting into the thermostat… Read More

Bulletin 67-23: Tiger 260 Fan Blade Clearance

NUMBER: 67-23 DATE: 2-7-67 GROUP: Cooling SUBGROUP: Fan Blade MODELS: Tiger 260 SUBJECT: Fan Blade Clearance In order to control the clearance between the fan blade tips and the rack and pinion steering unit, spacing washers are fitted… Read More

Bulletin 60-189: Anti-Freeze

COOLING No. 189 June 9, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS ANTI-FREEZE With the approach of summer, we would remind all Dealers that anti-freeze should be drained from the cooling system of cars during the summer months, otherwise… Read More