B18 – Tiger Cooling Study Responses

from the March 2001 Rootes Review: The cooling article in the last Rootes Review garnered lots of comments and questions. The following letter from Bill Holden is typical of many letters and comments received. Bill’s comments and questions are printed below along with Chuck King’s and Tiger Tom’s responses in italics. Be sure to check (more…)

Cooling the Sunbeam Tiger
by Tiger Tom and Chuck King

Or how we experienced three summer vacations. Click on illustration OR highlighted text to enlarge associated illustration for supporting information. You can also download a pdf of larger images in order they are used. Might be easier to carry out to the car with you. Revision: 5-3-06 by Tiger Tom and Chuck King PREFACE Click (more…)

N6 – Improved Cooling for Snarled Tigers

The stock Tiger hood latch is set up with a “safety catch” which holds the hood after the striker bolt has released. It has always seemed that when the Tiger was in hot weather, it would run a little cooler with the hood “propped open” in the safety position. This is especially true at slow speeds when the hot air gets trapped in the engine compartment.