D7 – Some Hints on Dual Carbs

author unknown If you have a dual carb-equipped car such as an Alpine I through III, an Alpine V or an Alpine GT, there might be some fine points you have missed in the course of tune-ups. Dual… Read More

D15 – Ford Carburetor Identification 101

To identify your carb you need the Ford tag number which is stamped into a triangular shaped aluminum tag under one of the fuel bowl screws. The numbers on that tag are the carb identification number, the design code and the production date code.

Bulletin 68-14: Zenith C.D. Carbs Loss Of Oil From Dash Pots

NUMBER: 68-14 DATE: 6-27-68 GROUP: Fuel SUBGROUP: Carburetor MODELS: All Models Equipped With Zenith C.D. Carbs SUBJECT: Loss Of Oil From Dash Pots — Zenith C.D. Carbs Where complaints are received of persistent loss of oil from carburetor… Read More

Bulletin 67-62: Alpine V & Arrow Change of Float Material In Carb

NUMBER: 67-62 DATE: 11-20-67 GROUP: Fuel SUBGROUP: Zenith-Stromberg Carb MODELS: Alpine V & Arrow SUBJECT: Zenith-Stromberg CD & CDS Carbs: Change Of Float Material A modification has been introduced on the subject carburetors, changing the float assembly material… Read More

Bulletin 66-2: Tiger 260 Carburettor Modification

NUMBER: 66-2 DATE: July 19, 1966 GROUP: Fuel SUBGROUP: Carburetor MODELS: Sunbeam Tiger (260) SUBJECT: Carburetor Modification Effective with serial number B382001074 a modification to the carburetor was introduced in production to prevent flooding. The modification includes the… Read More

Bulletin 60-165: Minx EasiDrive Carburetor Settings

March 15, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS SERVICE ADVICE LETTER NO. 165 HILLMAN MINX WITH EASIDRIVE CARBURETOR SETTINGS It has come to the attention of our factory during certain tests, a few EASIDRIVE equipped cars have been… Read More