A5 – New Chassis Number Format: 1970 and after

Rootes and Chrysler U.K. Passenger Cars A new vehicle identification format was introduced in July 1970. Download a PDF of Later model chassis engine number coding New chassis plate example: Chassis No. R G 211 000115 Service Code H AA H Paint Code 108 Trim Code 701 Type Code 211 H 4 Breakdown of details (more…)

Bulletin 68-12: Arrow & Alpine V Corrosion of Temperature Sender

GROUP: CoolingSUBGROUP: Temperature Sending UnitDATE: 6-27-68 SUBJECT: Corrosion Of Temperature Sending Unit MODELS: Arrow & Alpine V Since the introduction in approximately mid-January 1967, of a steel temperature sending unit, fitting into the thermostat housing a number of complaints have been received of corrosion of the unit together with difficult removal. In some instances, corrosion (more…)

Bulletin 68-3: Alpine, Imp, Minx, Arrow
Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness

GROUP: EngineSUBGROUP: Cylinder HeadDATE: 2-28-68 SUBJECT: Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness MODELS: Alpine, Imp, Minx, and Arrow Effective immediately, the cylinder head bolt torque loading figure has been reduced from 48 ft. lbs. to 45 ft. lbs. Please correct the appropriate Service Manuals. NOTE: Check tightness of bolts: Cast Iron Head – HOT Aluminum Head – (more…)

Bulletin 67-62: Alpine V & Arrow Change of Float Material In Carb

GROUP: FuelSUBGROUP: Zenith-Stromberg CarbDATE: 11-20-67 SUBJECT: Zenith-Stromberg CD & CDS Carbs: Change Of Float Material MODELS: Alpine V & Arrow A modification has been introduced on the subject carburetors, changing the float assembly material from compressed rubber to nylon. With this change of float material, some float settings have been altered and in some instances (more…)