M10 – Electronic Revcounters

by Chris Barker originally reprinted with permission from THE ALPINE HORN, United Kingdom in 8/85 If things have worked out as Paul Norton and I intended this article should accompany one by him on the intimate details on… Read More

M12 – Alpine 4TR Voltage Regulators

The venerable Joseph Lucas Ltd. has done it to us again. The infamous 4TR regulator used on the Series V Alpine has been changed from a three (3) terminal unit (Figure 1) to a newer four (4) terminal… Read More

Sunbeam goes to Woodstock

This photo was clipped from the evening news on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. What a story could be told about this adventure. I would sure like to locate the owner of this car.

The Harrington LeMans

by Tony Inzana The Sunbeam Harrington LeMans, which some of you remember appeared in our newsletter as a Road & Track road test reprint several issues ago, arrived officially on the English motoring scene in December, 1961, at… Read More

Bulletin 67-44: Alpine V, Minx VI & Arrow New Oil Pressure Relief

NUMBER: 67-44 DATE: 3-31-67 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Oil Pressure Relief Valve MODELS: Alpine V, Minx VI & Arrow SUBJECT: New Oil Pressure Relief Valve A new steel relief valve assembly was introduced in production from the Chassis Numbers… Read More

Bulletin 67-32: Alpine V & Minx IV Modified Master Cylinder Main

NUMBER: 67-32 DATE: 2-22-67 GROUP: Clutch SUBGROUP: Master Cylinder MODELS: Alpine V & Minx IV SUBJECT: Modified Master Cylinder Main Cup A modified master cylinder main cup is now available which will correct problems of periodic loss of… Read More

Bulletin 67-28: Alpine V & Tiger 260 Windshield Water Leaks

NUMBER: 67-28 DATE: 2-13-67 GROUP: Body SUBGROUP: Windshield Water Leaks MODELS: Alpine V & Tiger 260 SUBJECT: Windshield Water Leaks As a result of a recent investigation of windshield water leaks, it has been established that, in the… Read More

A6 – Torque Settings

Propeller shaft, Rear Axle, Number of teeth, adjustments and overall ratios

A7 – Torque Loading Figures

Engine, Gearbox, Rear Axle, Propeller Shaft, Front Suspension, Rear Suspension, Steering, Brakes

A8 – General Data and Dimensions: Alpine and Rapier

General dimensions, weight, towing and other Capacities of Alpines and Rapiers