M48 – Front Turn Signal / Parking Light Assembly

by T. T. Cantwin in the September 1982 RootesReview: Series IV, V and all Tigers have front turn signal/parking light (side and flasher lamp) assemblies (T/PLA) which somewhere in their lifetime haunt us to death. Of course, we have come to expect this of Lucas, haven’t we? It goes with Lucas refrigerators that keep warm (more…)

F14 – Alpine 25-Spline Transmission Output Shaft

by Paul Almjeld in the December 2006 RootesReview: Have any of you ever tried to locate a driveshaft yoke for a 25 spline transmission output shaft? If so, you already know they are nearly impossible to find. The 25 spline shaft was used on very late Series V standard transmissions as well as on some (more…)

S24 – 1953 – 1955 Alpine – Talbot Parts Cross Reference

by John Logan in the September 2007 RootesReview: This Information is based on discussions I had at a recent Hillman car meet in Streetsboro, Ohio with one of our members, Allen Lee. He and his wife Alice, from Martinsville, IL, are owners of the beautiful 1953 Alpine and a 1955 Talbot Saloon that they brought (more…)

B19 – Replacement Alpine Water Pump in Question

by Carl Moon in the October 2001 RootesReview: Alpines do not typically suffer from cooling problems at least to the degree that Tigers do. But, as I have found, it can become problematic even for these small 4 cylinders. When I rebuilt my 1725 engine I replaced the original water pump with a new aluminum (more…)

M38 – PerTronix Ignitor Problems on the Alpine

by Ed Esslinger in the May 2001 RootesReview: Five or six years ago I installed a PerTronix LU-142 unit on my Series 4. It worked great: I did not even have to adjust the timing. It was spot on right out of the box. But a few weeks ago, it just quit working. I had (more…)

M37 – Stalled Alpine

by Ed Esslinger in the February 2002 RootesReview: Some time ago someone asked me what would cause an Alpine that had been running fine to suddenly stop running while going down the road? The symptoms were: the starter would not turn over, the generator warning light would not con1e on nor would the headlights. Checking (more…)

Bulletin 67-54: Incorrect Stowage of Convertible Top

GROUP: BodySUBGROUP: Convertible TopDATE: May 12, 1967 SUBJECT: Incorrect Stowage Of Convertible Top MODELS: Alpine V & Tiger II It is obvious from our inspections of a number of vehicles having poor fitting convertible tops, especially around the door windows, that this condition has been caused by incorrect top stowage. Important: Lowering & Stowage Instructions (more…)

Field Guide To Sunbeam Alpines

by Rex Funk in the May 1995 RootesReview: Short diagonal lines on the drawings point to important identification features for each car. SERIES I High fins, angled like ’57 Chevy Low (4″) roll-up window guide post Horizontal spare tire over gas tank All chrome bumper guards Rear edge of roll-up window is curved “Bubble” shaped (more…)