YearLight Car RangeAlpineTigerHillmanImpHumberRapierCommerHuskySinger
258 Drive Shaft ??x
63 3 Body Scuttle Flexing 63x
264 Transmission Bell Housing 61x
64 3 Misc Damage Thread Repair Specs Rescan64x
240 Transmission Drift Ratlle (DUP) 61xxx
259 Winterizing 61x
62 2 Clutch Slave Cylinder Except Alpine62xx
242 Clutch 61x
62 4 Front Suspension Front Hub Float 62x
256 Transmission Gearbox mainshaft with locking nut 61x
266 Heater Hose Fouling Throttle Linkage 61x
244 Transmission Knock (DUP)61x
263 Engine Loosening Crankshaft Jaw Nut 61x
252 Drive Shaft Rear Axle Center Brg Support 61x
269 Engine Slow Oil Pressure Buildup 61xxxxxxx
274 Transmission Speedometer Gears 61x
1 Steering Rack and Pinion Free Play x
187 Misc Break In Lubricants 60x
188 - Misc 1000 Mile Inspection 60x
190 Transmission Easi Drive Throttle Linkage All60
191 Misc Soft Top Assy Details 60x
192 Misc Tonneau 60x
193 Misc Car Covers Paintwork Damage 60x
195 Transmission Easi Drive Gearchange Linkage All60
196 Misc Ditizler Paint Codes 60x
198 Battery 60x
199 Transmission Easi Drive Harness 60xx
201 Misc Rear Suspension Minx 60xxx
204 Misc Driveshaft 60x
205 Misc Windscreen Fitting Removal 60x
207 Transmission Easi Drive Cable All60
210 Transmission Easi Drive 60x
213 Misc Door Window Regulator 60x
215 Misc Door Locks 60x
216 Misc Zenith Carb Warranty 60x
217 Misc Electrical Cold Weather 60x
218 Misc Transmission Cold Weather Starting 60xx
218 Transmission Automatic Cold Start 60xx
221 Misc Ignition 61x
222 Misc Tire Pressure 61x
223 Misc Dunlop Tire Warranty 61x
224 Misc Dealer Warranty 61x
225 Misc Lucas Warranty 61x
231 Misc Disc Brakes 61xxx
232 Misc Brakes 61x
233 Clutch 61x
236 Brakes Brake Linings (DUP) 61x
236 Brakes (DUP) 61x
236 Brakes(DUP) 61x
237 Misc Lubricants 61x
238 Misc Boot Lock 61x
240 Transmission (DUP) 61xxxx
243 Misc Training 61x
244 Transmission knock (DUP)61x
245 Misc Seats 61xx
246 Misc Paint Mixing 61x
249 Misc Matching Paint 61x
250 Misc Speedometer Heads 61x
251 Misc Wipers Fail to Park 61x
253 Misc Pedals 61x
254 Pinion Bearing 61x
255 Transmission Easi Drive Trimming Resistor61
257 Misc Fall/Winter Tune Up 61x
259a Antifreeze 61x
261 Misc Seats S/Snipe61x
262 Misc Instruments 61x
265 Transmission Automatic 61xx
267 Misc Wire Wheels 61x
268 Misc Braking Systems Pistons 61x
270 Misc Bodywork Water Collecting 61x
271 Cooling Waterpump 61x
273 Misc Tires 61x
62 1 Electrical Windscreen Wiper Angle x
62 1 Voltage Regulator 62x
62 2 Front Suspension 62x
62 3 Fuel System Filler Cap 62x
62 4 Fuel System Water In Fuel Fumes In Car Minx
62-1 Misc Brakes Front Brake Dust Seal 62x
62-1 Misc Warranty Lucas Smiths Rootes Vehicles62
62-1 Rear Axle Hypoid Gear 62x
62-1 Transmission Easi Drive62
62-2 Misc Brakes 62x
62-2 Misc Easi Drive Price List 62x
62-2A Misc Easi Drive Nisonger Parts62
62-3 Misc Windscreen Assy 62x
62-4 Front Suspension 62x
62-4 Misc Heater Demister 62x
62-4 Misc Servicing 62x
62-5 Misc Brakes 62x
62-5 Misc Smith Lucas Warranty 62x
62-6 Misc Petrol Pipe Except Alpine62xx
63 1 Brakes Brake Fluid 63x
63 1 Gearbox and Overdrive Automatic Fluid Change 63x
63 1 Rear Axle Oil Seal 63x
63 1 Steering Rear Spring Bushing 63x
63 11 Misc Paint Codes Dutone 63x
63 13 Misc Metalic Paint Formulas III63x
63 14 Misc Paint Formulas III63x
63 15 Electrical System Shortening Map Light 63x
63 16 Misc 1st Free Service 63x
63 17 Misc Specification Changes III 63x
63 17 Suspension Noisey Rear Shocks 63x
63 18 Misc Service Voucher Books 63x
63 19 Engine Oil Change Frequency 63x
63 2 Engine Ping Knock With Automatic 63x
63 2 Gearbox and Overdrive Easidrive Diagnosis 63xx
63 3 Gearbox and Overdrive Easidrive Short Circuit Control Unit Failure 63x
63 4 Gearbox and Overdrive Hydraulic Knock 63x
63 5 Fuel System Fuel Gauge Minx63
63 5 Gearbox and Overdrive Gearbox Noise 63x
63 6 Engine Sparking Plugs 63x
63 6 Fuel System Petro Filling 63x
63 6 Gearbox and Overdrive Overdrive Solenoid 63x
63 7 Engine Crankcase Ventilation 63x
63 7 Fuel System Fuel Tank Knocking 63x
63 7 Gearbox and Overedrive Gear Lever Rattle 63x
63 8 Engine Fuel Consumption Minx63x
63 8 Gearbox and Overdrive Overdrive Oil Pressure 63x
63 9 Gearbox and Overdrive Overdrive Change 63x
63 A 1 Misc Antifreeze 63x
64 1 Misc Bulletin Idenification 64xx
64 10 Misc Warranty 64x
64 12 Misc Greasless Joints 64xx
64 2 Misc New Car Delivery Card 64xx
64 4 Misc Dealer Preperation and Maintenance 64x
64 5 Misc Torque Specifications 64x
64 6 Misc Transporting 64x
64 7 Misc Warranty 64x
64 8 Misc Warranty Tags 64xx
64 9 Engine Degreasing 64x
65-1 Misc Model rovements 65xx
65-10 Misc 1725 New Features 65x
65-2 Misc General Description 65x
65-3 Misc Service Periods 65xx
65-4 Misc Tuning Kits and Speed Accessories 65x
65-5 Misc Caravan Towing 65x
65-6 Misc Steering Unit Revised Torque 65x
65-7 Misc Transaxle Locknuts 65x
65-8 Misc Sealing Washers 65x
65-9 Misc Service Info 65x
A 1 Engine Belts 64x
A 2 Cooling Thermostat Testing 64x
A 4 Cooling System Water Pump 65x
A 6 Cooling System Water Hose Bypass Assembly to Pump 65x
B 1 Engine Pulley Timing Marks 64x
B 10 Engine Oil Filter Felt Sealing Rings 65x
B 12 Engine Sparkplug 65x
B 2 Engine Head Gasket 64x
B 3 Engine Manifold Steering Clearance 64x
B 4 Engine Engine Piston Seizure 64x
B 4 Engine Sump Oil Leak 65x
B 5 Engine Oil Filter 64x
B 6 Engine Ignition Setting 64x
B 7 Engine Oil Leak 64x
B 8 Engine Oil Filter Hose 65x
C 1 Fuel Solex Carb Performance 64xx
C 10 Fuel System Summer/Winter Air Cleaner 65x
C 11 Engine Iron Head Carb Icing 65x
C 2 Fuel Air Filter 64x
C 3 Fuel Sticking Throttle 64x
C 4 Fuel System Carb 64x
C 5 Fuel System Carb Whistle 64x
C 6 Fuel System Choke 65x
C 7 Fuel System Petro Pipe 65x
C 8 Fuel System Auto Choke 65x
C 9 Fuel System Fuel Filter 65x
Clutch x
Clutch Slave Cylinder Except Alpinexx
Cooling System Heater x
Cooling Winterizing x
D 1 Clutch and Propeller Shaft Slave Cylinder 65x
D 2 Clutch and Propellor Shaft Universal Joint 65x
D 3 Clutch and Propeller Shaft Noise 65x
E 1 Gearbox and Overdrive Automatic Linkage 64x
E 10 Gearbox and Overdrive Transaxle 65x
E 11 Gearbox and Overdrive 1st Gear and Float Delux65x
E 12 Gearbox and Overdrive Synchromesh Baulk Ring 65x
E 13 Gearbox and Overdrive Automatic Transmission Fluid 65x
E 14 Gearbox and Overdrive Torque Converter Super Snipe erial65x
E 15 Gearbox and Overdrive Difficult Engagement 3rd and 4th 65x
E 16 Gearbox and Overdrive Syncromesh 65x
E 17 Gearbox and Overdrive Automatic Clutch Plates 65x
E 18 Gearbox & Overdrive Transaxle 65x
E 2 Gearbox and Overdrive Gear Lever Sizzle 64x
E 2 Gearbox and Overdrive Transaxle Overhaul 64x
E 3 Gearbox and Overdrive Automatic Shift Control 64x
E 4 Rear Axle Oil Type 64x
E 5 Gearbox and Overdrive Weak Syncros 64x
E 6 Gearbox and Overdrive Engine Trans Harness 64x
E 7 Gearbox and Overdrive Selector Shaft Selector Shaft 65x
E 8 Gearbox and Overdrive Tranxaxle Oil Leak 65x
E 9 Gearbox and Overdrive Jumps Out Of Gear 65x
Engine Valve Seat Cutters x
F 1 Suspension Front Supension Knock 64x
G 1 Rear Axle Hub Oil Seal 65x
G 2 Rear Axle Drive Shaft 65x
H 1 Suspension Shock Noise 65x
H 2 Suspension Panard Bracket Failure 65x
H 3 Suspension Shock Damage Standng Start 65x
Issue 1 Misc Delivery Preparation 64x
Issue 2 Engine Connecting Rod 64x
Issue 2 Engine Connecting Rod 64x
Issue 5 Brakes Brake Pipe Routing 65x
Issue 6 Wheels and Tires Alloy Wheels 65x
K 1 Brakes Anti Rattle Springs 64x
K 2 Brakes Squeal 64x
K 3 Brakes Rear Brake Layout Delux Minx64x
K 4 Brakes Bleeding Hydraulics 65x
K 5 Brakes Knocking Shoe Wear 65x
K 6 Brakes Handbrake 65x
K 7 Brakes Linings Minx65x
L 1 Wheels and Tyres Wire Wheel Maintenance 64x
L 3 Wheels and Tyres Tire Pressure 64x
Misc Dealer Reporting ??xxx
Misc Faulty Assembly 64x
Misc Tuning 1600cc for Competition61x
Misc Water Leak 60x
N 1 Electrical System Oil Pressure Light 64x
N 10 Electrical System Negative Earth 65x
N 11 Electrical System Ignition Coil 65x
N 12 Electrical System Water Temp Gauge Accuracy 65xx
N 2 Electrical System ulse Tachometer Connections 64xxx
N 3 Electrical System Turn Signal Switch Striker 64xx
N 5 Electrical System Trafficator Pawl 64x
N 6 Electrical System Water Temp Gauge Transmitter 65xx
N 7 Electrical System Trafficator Switch Minx65x
N 8 Electrical System Arc Welding Voltage Spike Damage 65xx
N 9 Electrical System Interior Light 65x
O 3 Body Instrument Panel Transfers 64xx
O 4 Body Draught Ventilator 65x
O 5 Body Battery Corrision 65x
P 1 Gearbox and Overdrive Gearbox Oil 64x
R 1 Heater Inefficiency 64x
R 2 Heater Heater Inefficiency 64x