I grew up on LI and regularly travel there to visit family. Getting out onto LI can be a challenge, but it should not create too many concerns, and certainly should not dissuade you from attending this year’s event…as long as you follow a simple rule…AVOID ARRIVING OR DEPARTING DURING RUSH HOUR (Weekdays 6-10 AM and 3-7 PM).

Jim Lindner

That means plan to travel these routes between 10 AM and 2 PM.
Before or after is rush hour and traffic is very heavy.

People driving their cars are free to take any of these routes, or pretty much what ever you choose on your own.
The George Washington Bridge (GW) is for those coming from the west and north and is probably the best route. (map 1)
Even if you’re coming from the south, you might choose this option rather than the Goethals and Verrazano bridges. (map 2 or 3)
The Tappan Zee bridge is for those coming from Upstate NY and some points north and west. (map 4)

Click on the red link to see a Google map.
Click on the image just to see the picture bigger.

With or without trailers coming from New England.
Take the Cross Sound Ferry that runs between new London, CT and Orient Point Long Island.
The ferry ride is about 90 minutes (it is a relaxing way to travel and avoids all the NYC congestion)
The ride to the hotel from Orient Point is about 2 hours.



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