by Ron Fraser

Okay, maybe it is time to replace valve seats. You need:

  1. A reliable auto machine shop that can handle the job.
  2. Hardened exhaust valve seat inserts, high chromium or 60% alloy.
  3. High quality exhaust valves.
  4. Silicon? aluminum? bronze valve guides. The head should to heated to 300 to 400 degrees F and the inserts cooled in dry ice for 10 to 15 minutes.

“It is imperative to use a heat transfer compound such as Fluid Weld when installing inserts…”

Fluid Weld-Seal-Lock-International, Glenside, PA 19036

Inserts: Martin Wells Industries, Well Tite Div., Box 01735, Los Angeles, CA 90001. Safeguard Engine Parts, Inc., Manley Valve Div., 400 N State Street, York, PA 17405.

This article was written as an information bulletin only. There are no guarantees expressed or implied for any of the products or manufacturers listed.

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