This is the every-five-year event designed to gather Sunbeam owners from around the country and the world! September 13-17 Independence, MO The website has (and will have) all the (more…)

Concours Rules and Judging Sheets

In early 2021, TEAE completed an update of the rules and judging practices for Concours d’Elegans participation. This version, dated March 1, 2021, replaces all other versions. It includes the (more…)

Board Meeting: February 21, 2021

Video Conference Meeting was called to order by President Jim Lindner on February 21, 2021 at 1:05 pm Minutes from the last meeting were approved as posted. Treasurer’s report was (more…)

Tiger Engine Study

Ron Fraser has been studying all the stock Tiger engine group configurations from the Ford part number point of view. Hopefully this study will add some details to the collective knowledge base of Tigers and eventually clear up some details about the Tiger engines.

Alternator Conversion Updated

Wow, it’s been twenty years since I first worked on this alternator conversion.   I’ve had no problems with since then.   But recently I have received some questions. So I thought (more…)

Life of Aunt Helen Swift

Aunt Helen Swift: TEAE’s matriarch has finally left us on our own. Aunt Helen has been a fixture in our club since it started in the 70’s. She never held (more…)