Finally, we’re ready (sort of)

We apologize for making this site live before everything is exactly in place. We know you’ll notice that the pictures aren’t showing up right. A few other things are still being worked on that couldn’t be before the site was live.

Please be patient! If you find something not quite right, please use the contact form to tell me what it is. URL of the page where the problem is will be greatly appreciated!

It’s recommended that you print out the pdf document of instructions to help you through this process. Or you can just click around until you figure stuff out.

Download the instructions here

Start by logging in with the button at the top of the page.

You will need to make a new password. So click login button at the top of the page. Then enter your email address. Click the link to Forgot Your Password

The email will come from
If you don’t see it within a minute or so, please check your spam filter.

Log out under your picture in the right side bar (you can’t see that until you’re logged in!)

Then you’ll find a members menu at the top of the page. That’s sort of a table of contents of the members only ares.

Your Profile includes information about your and your cars. You can choose what of that information is public to members.

ONLY MEMBERS can see content in your profile and the directory.
Even though there is a choice for EVERYBODY.
Everybody = only members

The Directory is a list of all the members and information about them from their profile. You can see the newest members, the members most recently active n the site, or all members alphabetically. You can also search the directory.

The Account tab shows when you paid and when you’re due again. There is also an option to auto renew your membership!

Please note: Membership Level/Subscription/Option is only a way for the system to distinguish among people who are only forum members, who get electronic or printed newsletters, and who have paid for one or two years.