Fix the weather stripping space in your Tiger or Alpine

The tool is made from a really cheap, small, Chinese pry bar, between 7 and 8 inches long.

Harbor Freight pry bar
Harbor Freight has these for a couple bucks

I like the orange handle, so I don’t lose sight of it.

The pry bars come with a factory bend about an inch from  the tip of the bar. We will call this bend #1.

1.  Shorten that end until it is about 3/8” long. (This makes the tool easier to use.)

2.  Add a second bend approximately 1 1/2” from the tip of the bar, opposite bend #1 (aiming the other way. You’re not trying to make a circle!)

3.  Turn the tool on its side.

Now the hard part

Figure 1

3.  Using a very thin cutting disk, very slowly cut a slot in the end of the tip. I used a die grinder with a 1/8” thick cutting disk.

4.  Make an angle cut from the tip towards the middle of the  blade. Making the slice unequal will make the longer side stronger. (Figure 1)

It’s what you want… Approximately 1/8” shorter

Be very careful because the metal will get Red HOT. That takes the temper out of the steel so dip it in
water to cool it.

KEEP referring to the pictures!

John Barron is happy to share his  idea for this tool.  You can rent it from him.

(Contact him by email to: ) Or make your own, just please don’t make it to sell!