Log-in Problems?

Club member logins and
Forum logins are different.

Are you trying to log into the Members Only part of the site or the Forum?


If you’re trying to get into the Forum,  you could click “I FORGOT MY PASSWORD” on the Login Screen  (fill in your email address)

The system will automatically email your password to you.

Here are a few hints:

  • Your forum login name is one you chose when you registered (and is not your email address )
  • Are you sure you’re using the same email address you signed up with?
  • If you’re really stumped, send an email to forum@teae.org

Members Only?

Trying to get into the Members Only section (with a club member membership) Your login here is NOT an email address. And your password has to be set by the system.

So if you’re stumped, drop a note to the Membership Chair here. He can help you out pretty quickly.