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      Merrilee and I wish to thank all those who helped make the United a success and appreciate all the thanks and compliments we have received. The committee worked long and hard to make the event the best we could and thank all those who made our efforts even better with their help and cooperation. We could not have done it without you.

      It is probably impossible to get an exact count of the total number of Rootes cars that visited the United, but we think it was somewhere in the mid 60’s. It might be more as some may still not have returned from the Rallye, ;>). Certainly more Rootes vehicles than have ever been together in Maine.

      It was reported to us that someone lost a necklace at the Lobster Bake on Saturday night, but we did not get the person’s name. We have found the necklace and would like to return it. Please contact me if you know who lost it.

      On a personal note, Friday will be the 44th anniversary of my taking possession of our Tiger, which I purchased new from Nu-Trend Motors in Mt. Kisco, NY. I still remember that day, a beautiful sunny day in October, when I put the top down and took my Tiger for a ride down a country road littered with falling maple leaves. Little did I know as I blasted along that I was sucking the leaves into the grille and blocking the radiator. The problem was quickly sorted when I noticed the temperature gauge rising but, as we all know, the problem of rising temperatures in our Tigers is one we still deal with. Ironically, as I drove home from the United (all of 15 miles), with the top down on another sunny October day, the temperature would once again begin to rise. Not leaves this time, but a leaking heater valve. You know you are getting old when you relive history!

      Merrilee and I were married about ten months after I got the Tiger and we took it on our honeymoon, towing a small pop-up tent trailer. She later learned to drive on the Tiger and scared the examiner enough to induce him to give her a license. In 1982, Merrilee and I helped to organize the United in Kingston, NY, so another instance of history repeating. We promise to do another one 28 years from now, with a new heater valve and a rebuilt booster.



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      Nice event, beautiful scenery, great people (as all Rootes owners are).

      I counted 56 cars at the Concours on Sunday, but I did not break the number down by type.

      Fred Baum

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      Mark & Nancy Petri

      A HUGE thanks to you and the whole team.

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