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      Gregg Byxbee

      Found that Ford part number 351467-S, spring washer, is obsolete. Located what I believe is the substitute. Auveco 9630 is the same dimensions with the naked eye. It also appears to be close in flexibility, but I have no means of testing. It may be difficult to find them in quantities less than 50, but even 50 is around $7. I now have 44 extras!

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      Hurst sells a washer kit that may work

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      Greg, willing to part with a set out of your extras?

      Tom Ballou

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      Yes. $3.00 plus USPS postage OK? Just send me a PayPal invoice. Just put in an envelope and send cheapest USPS rate. Used to be called 2nd class (no letter or message). Or send 1st class (less than $1).


      Mail: 121 Brightwater Heights Dr., Hendersonville, NC 28791


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