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      Here in Atlanta there are about 25 Tigers if not more. Include Tigers located in the exurban counties and the count would
      rise for sure.

      At the same time, we have zero people trained to conduct TAC inspections.

      If someone is interested in a TAC inspection, they are out of luck or are in need of a travel itinerary to some other
      state or region.

      How do we in Atlanta obtain training to conduct TAC inspections?


      Allan Ballard
      Mk1a (Tac’ed in Oklahoma)
      Series I and IV Alpines

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      Bill Bulpitt

      I echo your sentiments, Allan – we have a good core group of long term owners here in Atlanta and need to get everyone’s car TAC’d to promote the marque…

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      Hi Allan
      Several of the TAC inspectors are on this forum so I hope they can help you. This recent discussion was on the CAT Forum:
      STOA TAC Operations


      To all Tiger Owners on the CAT Forum:

      Let me start by telling you that I am STOA’s TAC Inspector number 1 and Lead Inspector Trainer. I don’t actively participate in the CAT Forum, nor do any of STOA’s Senior Inspectors other than Buck Trippel, that I know of. The STOA Tiger Authentication Committee has been active since 1994 and has Authenticated over 900 Tigers so far. The TAC Inspectors are 100% volunteers and are not paid for their services. They act simply as Tiger Owners for the good of the Marque. We have been paying minor expenses for inspectors for the last couple of years to facilitate the TAC operation and minimize Inspector expences. This was the major reasons we began to collect a $50 fee.

      All told there are thirteen active STOA Senior Inspectors, so far, to cover the world. We are currently training a Senior Inspector in the UK. Ten of these Senior Inspectors have the necessary documents and are ready to offer local inspection for Authentication. Most, but not all of them, have the ability to train new TAC inspectors. The number of Senior Inspectors is limited by several factors and one of the most important is absolute integrity and trust. They are all long time owners and respected members of STOA and the other clubs they belong and contribute to. Were they not owners with this level of respect, the whole TAC Program would have no value.

      We have collectively trained and accepted 68 Inspectors since we began the Program. A substantial portion of these Inspectors and most of the Seniors, paid their own way to my home, to receive this training. I have also traveled across the US several times, Australia, twice, and the UK, at my own expense, to Authenticate Tigers and train Inspectors and Senior Inspectors. At the current time, of the 68 Inspectors that have been trained, we have about 48 that are currently active.

      The following is a list of the active Senior Inspectors that are ready to Authenticate Tigers, their Locations and contact information:

      1. Tom Hall SF Bay Area Insp 1 (925) 462-3876

      2. Mike Andres SF Bay Area Insp 3 (650) 592-0247

      3. Pat King SF Bay Area Insp 5 (408) 529-8189

      4. Larry Atkisson Seattle ,WA Insp 15 (360) 638-1998

      5. Tom Calvert Wash, DC Insp 20 (410) 255-8964

      6. Paul Sheahan Mid FL Insp 23 (704) 545-2458

      7. Peter Thomson Sydney, AU Insp 25 (02) 9419 5774

      8. Doug Babcock Portland, OR Insp 29 (503) 664-7404

      9. Buck Trippel LA, CA Insp 33 (310) 918-9767

      10. Rob Roy Dallas, TX Insp 54 (817) 431-9840

      You may contact any of them to discuss the program in general or what events in their geographic area they normally have a TAC operation planned for. You can also pretty much count on TAC operations being available at any major Sunbeam meet. The Seniors also schedule several invitational TAC operations a year in their vicinities.

      One would think that an organization, geographically located in the greater Silicon Valley, would have many active members that had the relevant talents to build and maintain a reasonable internet web site. The truth is that very few Tiger owners with this talent are active in our area. So building STOA’s web site has turned into a difficult, multi-year ordeal. We are hoping that our new developing site ( will have the complete listing of Authenticated Tigers by mid summer.

      You can contact me or Pat King (TAC Chairman) with any questions you have about the TAC program. We will do our best to respond to you in a timely fashion.

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      Thanks Eric.

      That’s quite an epistle and provides a good overview but not too much regarding training for folks in the regional metropolitan areas
      outside the west coast.

      Allan Ballard
      lifetime Sunbeam owner (age 20 forward)

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      Tom and Pam Jeffers

      Hi Allan!

      I would recommend contacting Tom Calvert. He is listed above, a member of the Forum and currently on our Board of Directors. Hopefully he will have some answers or suggestions for you.

      Pam Jeffers
      TEAE President

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