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      The Sunbeam Survivor manual is our legacy, our accumulation of technical knowledge, and the heritage we leave behind to the new generation of Rootes car owners as a member of this club. We have been charged to preserve and update it.

      Currently this section of the forum is restricted to Paid Club Members, and the Board of Directors. These discussions are not open to the public. This will be handled as a benefit to being a member of our club.

      The first step is to identify which articles are already in digital format. Those will be evaluated for correctness, and placed back in the survivor guide in their current corrected format.

      Articles which are out-of-date will be superseded with updated correct information.

      I will be calling on the original authors to re-condition their articles. You know who you are… and so do I… so I will hunt you down. 😀

      Let’s keep the topics listed per article designation in the original manual. For instance if we want to talk about the "Burping Tigers" article I ask that we refer to it as Article B4-5. Existing articles will retain their designation until the final edit is complete. New articles will be added at the end of each section.

      I will volunteer for the position as master editor (if you’ll have me). This way all the information gets routed to one person to re-create the entire book.

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      Our previous discussions for the record…

      Re: BASH website feedback – Survivor

      "Eric Smyder" <ratbike<at>>
      "tom ehrhart" <tt<at>>, "Kerch McConlogue" <kerch<at>>
      "Carl and Vonda Moon" <crmoon<at>>, "Robert Jaarsma" <jaars<at>>, "BAUM TEAE EDITOR" <WHIZZZBANG13<at>AOL.COM>, WHIZBANG<at>VERIZON.NET, "McConlogue, Joseph" <jmcconlo<at>> [Add]
      Wed, 10 Jun 2009 8:13 AM (1 hour 12 mins ago)
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      Yes, let’s see what articles can be super-ceeded by current information. Instead of passing emails back and forth, I’d like to create a new forum topic in a limited access area, so we can discuss individual articles within the Survivor Guide.

      The OCR that I used from Adobe Acrobat is complete junk. Ignore it; I won’t be starting from that slop. I’ve got a OCR engine called "Tesseract" that I’ll use as my second attempt. After we have a half-decent digital format we can break the articles down and either have the original authors re-write them, or I’ll take a hand at them myself. It will be a big process.


      On Wed, 10 Jun 2009 00:03 -0400, "tom ehrhart" <tt<at>> wrote:
      > SURVIVOR: Kerch, thanks for making it available in pdf and WORD. pdf looks OK. The OCR’d version in WORD needs an awful lot of work as Kerch noted. I know our goal is to produce a searchable Survivor and we haven’t determined yet who should have access.
      > There are many tech tips in the Survivor that do not represent current approaches, are no longer valid, or incorrect (errors). I believe we need a preface that states the articles are for reference purposes and represent techniques considered acceptable when written but may not represent latest practices or data.
      > Regarding searching. The OCR’d version will require lots and lots of time to reconstruct. Of course that will afford us the opportunity to correct errors and edit as needed like update titles as Kerch noted. It will also provide a platform to continue building a tech tip library.
      > Kerch and Eric, In the interest of expediency, why couldn’t we do a search with pdf file by page #. Since the tech tips are already organized by section as defined in the light range service manual, it would be a simple matter of linking a series of pages associated with one of the 18 sections. There are only 127 pages. This might get us up and running sooner. As a user, it’s not the most convenient to search but it is better than nothing. We could still work on the OCR version for the future.
      > I have some of those notes recorded on my master copy. Even if we "clean up" the Survivor
      > Kerch McConlogue wrote:
      >> You should have to log in to see it.. but I’m not sure how the steps will go.
      >> You might be able to just click the link.. and then you’ll get the log in page..
      >> or you might have to log in and then put this link in the address bar and click go.
      >> but it’s there to see.
      >> Eric, thanks for offering to write the code,
      >> and in my experience, converting a messy document to html before the editing is pretty much wasted time.
      >> So who ever (that is a plural who!) takes on this project should get the word document the way they want it.. or at least get the words right before any code is written. Also, I have some experience with book layout etc. and I know this is also a time consuming project .. but if it’s done right, it makes a huge difference in the final project.
      >> I also think that during the update, at least some attention should be paid to the titles of the articles..
      >> the one that comes to mind is Ron Rogers article about brakes
      >> but the title is …And It Worked For Me
      >> These things do not go together!!
      >> Other notes:
      >> I changed the name of the link that was About TEAE to About Us. Nice Touch. The email query about how to join and dues illustrates the need to have easy clear link to mebership info. TT
      >> Then at the top of that page I put a table of contents, so to speak, with links further down the page.
      >> I think it will help people see more quickly what they’ll find there.
      >> We might include more info on that page and link those parts to other parts of the site.
      >> Maybe that’s the place to explain what ever needs explaining?
      >> The link: About the marque currently includes all the articles that address any single style (is that the right word?.. tiger vs alpine vs imp etc) I prefer vehicle type. I belive our site does or did have info on different types of some vehilce types. It is good info to have. It would help define our site if we listed all Rootes/Beam vehicles. Lot of work though. Reminds us that we need to pick the action items to pursue. TT
      >> That doesn’t seem too useful at this point.
      >> Maybe there should, instead, be some kind of write up about each style.. a picture, a description, etc. That’s way out of my ken. However, it might be nice to ask the guys who are the "names" in the non tiger/alpine members to write up why their cars are great.
      >> The current link About the Marque in the drop down box can be changed to something that makes more clear that here is the stuff about each kind of car. Maybe it just needs a different title.
      >> At 10:38 PM 6/8/2009, tom ehrhart wrote:
      >>> I’d say not. The quality of the survivor is a reflection of our club. It should be to a high standard. It needs to be an action item. I can’t access the site Eric provided so I do not know what it looks like. TT
      >>> Kerch McConlogue wrote:
      >>>> NOW i remember this conversation!
      >>>> I looked thru the pdf and see there is a ton of information! much of which is on the website already.
      >>>> However, I think someone said that there were typos etc.. and other editing that needed to be done.
      >>>> When I copied and pasted from the pdf to word… well, due to the OCR hiccups there became MULTITUDINOUS oddities in spelling, line length etc.
      >>>> The question remains… do we want to publish this again without further review?
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      Before we go overboard with changes let’s see how many responses we get from the original authors. I’m sure some have probably left the club and are no longer involved with Sunbeams (Heaven forbid!!) 🙁

      The obsolete articles should be somewhat obvious if we have the dates they were written. 🙂

      Another idea would be to glean tech articles from the RR and the internet, using them in addition to what’s already there. It should be fairly simple to copy those articles from the RR to this site and then be colated into the Survivor. It should also be fairly simple to reply to the internet author for permission to use their stuff.

      Richard and I can copy them to this site or wherever we would want them as we edit the newsletter. I’m currently working on a front wheel bearing article which will specify the bearing and seal numbers as well as the manufacturers who still make them.



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      Fred, I believe some info on interchange for the SV Alpine rear wheel/axle bearings would be very helpful. Anyone know of replacements?

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