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      I just received some documents related to Sports Car Forum and the racing.
      Here are some of the images of the memorabilia. It is amazing how much was saved from that period.

      Numerous notebooks with the programs/lap charts/setup information

      The lap charts are really interesting as you can see the race evolve.

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      These are the internal orders within the dealership for each race of 1964. Before each race the car was prepared. It wasn’t cheap… typically these bills were running about $200.00 – for every race. Most work required the replacement of rod bearings.

      There was one bill for a spare engine in the 700.00 range. Rootes gave them the block and crank.

      IF we could only find more of these… very rare Rootes Reporters and The Sunbeam. These were the dealer newsletters and the Club newsletters.

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      This top letter and the original from Sports Car Forum began the discussion to support Don and the Sports Car Forum Alpine.

      On the left is the brochure from Baugh driveline. They produced LSD’s for the Alpine and I would guess Tigers’ too.
      On the right is the Rootes advertisement for the American Racing Silverstones. Believe it or not, they sold these with different offsets on the front and rear wheels….. I had wondered why the sets I have were like that. Well, it was the way they could have the front and rear track widths closer to each other.

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      Steve, as the commercial states…….priceless. Great artifacts found by one of the Rootes greatest Rootes sleuths. It’s also a testament to those who saved this info for all these years, either intentionally or through forgetfulness. TT

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