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      Registration is now open for united 30 in French lick Indiana on October 6th-10th
      All info can be found at or in this coming months rootes review newsletter
      Pre registration is highly recommend and would ensure access to all of our planned events for the weekend

      So go on already,,register..

      Quit reading my posts and go to and register

      Still reading this? The 25th,50th,75th,and dare i say 100th pre register get a added bonus with there registration.

      Like always any questions can asked on the forums,my email,phone,or any of united 30 staff or 630-723-4011

      Thanks everybody and we look forward to October and united 30 in French lick Indiana
      Pat j

      Now go register

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      Funny I just went there and found nothing

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      i had the same problem over the week end. i was in carlisle and thought it may have been something with our laptop but it won’t come up on my home computer either. it’s not there so how do we register?

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      The next copy of the Rootes Review will have the registration form in it, minus the contact information at the bottom. You should contact Pat Johnson at the phone number listed for the parts room reservation for the address to send the form.

      Pat- there is no address listed to send the registration form. Is the form submission address the same as the contact information?

      Fred Baum

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      Why don’t we just post everything on the forum as we said we would??????????????? Why would
      the regristation form be in the review and them you have to call to find out where to send it!!

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      This was a computer glitch that did not allow the info to be transferred to me for inclusion in the newsletter. I did not receive the logo for the United either and Pat emailed me that it would be the same as the front of the cards he sent out some time ago. Remember, these people are VOLUNTEERS and have other things going on in their lives besides the United.

      There are members who do not have a computer or do not wish to use their computer for club goings-on. Otherwise we would forego the paper newsletter and go completely electronic.

      I guess you could pay via Paypal if you register electronically, but then who pays the Paypal fees? Paypal doesn’t do this stuff for free. The United is on a really tight budget so asking the event to cover that cost is not really fair.

      Fred Baum

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      so ,we’re into june and there still is no way to register for the united. does anyone know what the registration fees are going to be and what else is there besides the autocross? what are the additional fees? make registration available on line so we can know we’re registered. snail mail is not very efficient anymore with all the cutbacks at the USPS.

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      Pat Johnson has been having email problems. Apparently snail mail is not the only communication device prone to problems.

      He called me and gave me the following information:

      Send your registration form to:

      David Johnson
      8803 Building #2
      Madison Avenue
      Apartment 306C
      Indianapolis, In 46227

      Fred Baum

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      I just checked the rootes america site and the form pulled up..maybe some errors occured with it being posted to a website..who knows but it works

      Sorry to have out so late guys
      pat j

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      Hey guys..registration forms are being sent in left and right..thats good for this united since we hope that the 30th will be the best yet.

      Please make sure you include your email on the form so i can notify you as i recieve the form

      pat j

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      Pat-what time will we meet at the go cart track on Thursday? I am trying to plan our trip and see what day to arrive.
      Thanks! Eric

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      6pm is when we plan on starting..a full schedule is in the next rootes review
      on a side note we have 146 rooms booked for the weekend and 25 cars registered

      Pat j

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      Being a "newbie" i am trying to catch up in a hurry.
      What day will TAC’s be getting done? What is the charge for this?
      Is anybody planning on going golfing? If so when?
      What does the registration fee include?
      I see the show is called Concourse, are there seperate categories?
      For the Autocross, are helmets or other safety inspections required? What is the fee for this?
      Just trying to see if it’s worth bringing 1,2 or all 3 cars, and how much money to bring with!
      Sounds like a great event planned, I just need to see how much fun I can afford!
      Thanks in advance for your time in answering,

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      If you go up to the top of this section you will see the link to Rootes America where you can click on the registration form. it shows the prices for all the current scheduled activities e.g. $25 for autocross and the overall registration fee of $98 for a single member. Other costs are listed as well and some things e.g. some dinners, will be on your own there to cover so will depend on what you get. The concours and such are all included in the registration fee. You also need to book the hotel which is getting to the end of the hold period if it is not already past, so you would want to jump on that right away.


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      i posted some photos of the concorse on my photobucket.

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      Mark & Nancy Petri
      quote 65beam:

      i posted some photos of the concorse on my photobucket.

      Thanks for the pix. Looks like it was a great event, sorry we couldn’t make it.

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