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      Got my fathers Sunbeam & wish to start to plan the restoration.
      Looking for the paint code for silver for the documentation.
      The code SHHC 004353 but couldn’t see any relevant reference.
      Any help or pointers appreciated.

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      I’m curious where you found that number.
      These are the Rootes paint codes.
      Is it one of the silver colors listed there? There are a few suppliers which will match Rootes colors.

      I had luck with my local paint supplier (BAPS in York, PA). I took them the panel from the hood release latch, and they matched it exactly.

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      I don’t have dealer literature for 1971 but in the various literatures I have for 1969 there was a color called silver grey metallic. the color code for it is 82. the vin tag mounted on the hood latch panel will show the color code.

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