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      Tigers East/Alpines East Regalia

      Our club now has a one stop website to order club regalia.
      The first step is to visit this website:

      On the left corner of this website is a list of categories with embroidered logos.
      Category 1 is British Marques-there is a nice Sunbeam Tiger logo here
      Category 2 is Car Club Logos-the TE/AE logo is here
      Category 4 is British Cars-there is a red Sunbeam Alpine here.

      Once you have picked the embroidered logo you want to use, you can select different T-shirts, golf shirts, ball caps, jackets, and even a tool bag you can have the logo applied to. And if you have other non-Sunbeam British cars there are many other Marques to choose from.
      You then check out and pay on line and then receive your item in the mail-just in time for your next car show or event!

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      Mark & Nancy Petri

      A lot of nice stuff on there.
      Has anyone ordered anything? The "logos" and the "apparel" seem to be separate items? [to me] the process does not seem "intuitive"?
      Is this a U.S. based outfit?

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      Hi Mark
      This company is based in North Carolina and did all the shirts and some embroidered items for the Dayton, Ohio United. I was pleased with the quality of all items and the price too.
      You can call them if you have problems on their website-and they have other items you can order not shown on the website as well.
      I will soon advertise some nice heavy weight fleece jackets that have the Tigers East Alpines East logo embroidered on the front. They just arrived.


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      Mark & Nancy Petri

      thanks Eric!

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      Mark & Nancy Petri

      I [finally] just talked to Ralph there at fourth-gear-ltd about a couple of items (called on phone).
      He was super friendly and accommodating, and is going to make me a nice Gildan crew-neck sweatshirt and an Ultra Club golf shirt (one of those high-tech synthetic wicking fabrics) 8)
      Two thumbs up.

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      Thanks for the good feedback Mark. Ralph is easy to work with. You can show us how they look at the BASH or United! Eric

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      Mark & Nancy Petri

      I guess one of the keys to my post is "accommodating" (possibly an understatement on my part)… neither of those items are shown on the website, but I explained what I wanted and he said "yeah, i can get that for you" and ran thru the color choices for me 😀

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      Mark & Nancy Petri

      here’s a photo of the 2 items that I bought – they look great 😀 and as I noted earlier, Ralph got exactly what i wanted (even tho not in ‘catalog").
      Two thumbs up!

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