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      Now that I can FINALLY post….Let me take this opportunity to address the powers that be. Couple of things slowing this board from getting off the ground. First, you gotta be able to post!!! If people can’t post, that kinda tends to slow things down. Another thing would be that everyone is hanging out over on Ian’s board. Well, there’s a chink in the armor there, actually. Ian ain’t got the links working to the pictures and such of the correct stuff to put on your Alpine. A year from now the people that hang there won’t know the difference between a pinto steering wheel and a correct banjo type, and they’ll be too busy maintaining their cavilier engines to care. Competition aside, another thing is the name. No offense to whoever market tested “Tigers East/Alpines East,” but it don’t quite “jingle” off the tongue. And lastly, clearing out my suggestion box, those orange tiger heads on the main menu…wouldn’t it look better with some Alpine snow capped mountain or something in the background? Everyone knows that Tigers are agressive and offensive and snarly. And Alpines are just, well, cool. This is the stock Alpine side isn’t it? opps. Well, suck it up Tiger guys, I ain’t typing this over. And cut and paste is for sissys.

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      Mr. Ringo, do you plan on attending the Chateau Elan event this coming week end? I believe some of us would like to meet you! Until then.
      Russ Eshelman

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      Hi Russ
      I know him and he plans on being there. I will be happy to introduce him to you….See you then! Eric

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      Now that I am just learning how to use this forum thing, I can’t seem to find an icon or anything that allows me to go back to the home page.

      Tell me I need OJT, or it is operator error (me). I’ll believe you, cause I ain’t too swift. Not that there is no way to click back to home page.

      BTW, Mr. Ringo has a fine point on the sites exclusive use of Tiger heads for category designators on the main page. It is TE AND AE. We have discussed this before. The Tiger motor heads are a dying breed. The Alpine owners out number the Tigers and at this moment garner most of our marques attention. Is there some way to make a gender neutral main page? I know creative designing takes a lot of time and free spirited effort. Maybe this is a good way to get others in the club involved. AS usual, I am just planting seeds. TT the farmer.

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      quote tigertoms:

      The Alpine owners out number the Tigers and at this moment garner most of our marques attention. Is there some way to make a gender neutral main page?

      GENDER neutral??? I’ve seen a pink Tiger before (and it might have been factory and it wasn’t a Mary Kay car), but I’ve never seen a pink Alpine. But still, I really don’t think of the Tiger as needing gender neutrality. You Tiger guys are OK on the gender front. I’ve seen a bunch of Tigers at one time on the road and I didn’t think “Well, there goes a bunch of girls.” Did you mean “model” neutral?” Or does gender mean model in England? Otherwise I think this is the first confirmation of what I’ve always suspected Tiger guys think. Male Tiger/female Alpine. Well, as an Alpiner, I think just the opposite. Till the engine starts, unless it’s at the gas station. (All meant in good fun. )

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      TT. I respectfully disagree that Tiger motor heads are a dying breed. We may , in this atmosphere of “correctness”, just respect the Alpine for what it is.

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