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      We are planning to produce a new roster very soon. We will be placing it on the web site as well as printing a hard copy for those who prefer that method. We have decided this is the best approach for the club to save some money by printing only enough copies to satisfy those of you who want to have sometging to hold.

      Therefore, I am asking all members to let me know if you want a hard copy sent to you.

      When responding, PLEASE give me your full name — a first name does me no good since there are many "Bobs", "Johns", "Daves", "Bills" and "Richards" in the group.

      Please send your response to me at the following email:


      Remember, if you don’t tell me your preference for a hard copy it will be assumed you want an electronic version.

      Thanks for your cooperation.

      Fred Baum
      Editor, The Rootes Review

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