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      Tom & Pam Jeffers

      Everyone should know by now that Curt Hoffman is stepping down as Membership Chairman. The Board of Directors have approved Joe McCononlogue as the new Membership Chairman. This change will occur as of 1-1-2014.

      What we didn’t know until today is that our Editor, Fred Baum will be stepping down as Editor of the Rootes Review after the February 2014 issue of the Rootes Review.

      I know everyone will join me in thanking both Curt and Fred for their dedication and service to TEAE.

      So now I will put out an appeal for a volunteer willing to take on the duties of Editor of the Rootes Review. The following is an explanation of duties Fred put together:

      Editor of the Rootes Review

      1. Collect information suitable for printing in the newsletter that I feel would benefit the membership. Such information includes articles from members, tech tips and historical information.

      A. Member articles can be anything pertaining to Rootes vehicles. This includes but is not limited to: car shows, rallyes, racing, technical tips, coming events notices, information about other members (such as health issues, death, etc.) and info and other types of car gatherings, whether Rootes sponsored or not.

      B. Tech tips can be anything the member feels is important to other members related to the maintenance upkeep or improvements to the vehicles..

      C. Reply to the members sending information so they know it was received and ask any necessary questions to clarify what was sent. Wait for a reply if clarification is needed.

      2. Design the layout of the newsletter each month, including any changes to officer and BOD info, the cover and all the pages in the newsletter to make sure the information is complete and in a readable order.

      A. The articles and information are selected on a time basis; that is, the timeliness of the information determines when it will be published if there is not enough room for everything to be included in one issue.

      B. Anything not published in a particular month is archived for future use.

      3. Write and editorial. Subject matter is at the discretion of the editor but should contain Rootes related information.

      4. Solicit the President’s Message and the New Member information for inclusion in the newsletter.

      5. Proof read the newsletter for spelling and grammatical accuracy.

      6. Send the newsletter to the printer using the Drop Box system.

      7. Wait for proof from the printer (emails a PDF), review the proof and make any necessary changes.

      8. Contact the printer to relay any changes. If no changes or small changes then give the printer the O.K. to print once the changes have been made.

      9. Answer any questions posed by members that relate to the newsletter. Refer members to the proper source for questions not related to the newsletter. For example, refer a member to the Membership Chair for additional copies of the newsletter.

      10. Develop the ballot for the Election of Officers and BOD; place the ballot in the November issue of the newsletter along with the candidate profiles submitted by candidates. Remind candidates of their responsibility to give the editor a profile in a timely manner.

      11. Develop and design the Membership Roster, including the layout of any photos, the cover photo and any changes to the various sections of the roster such as the Lord Rootes Trophy Award, Wally J. Swift Award, Keith Porter Award, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.
      Word and Publisher are the two programs used at this time for development of the newsletter. I currently use older versions of each but they seem to work well with the printer’s programming.

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      Tom & Pam Jeffers

      We are still looking for an Editor for the Rootes Review. Please let me know if you are interested or have someone you think might make a good editor.

      Do you have any suggestions or comments about the Rootes Review?

      I would appreciate any and all comments.



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      Tom & Pam Jeffers

      I would like to thank Joe McConlogue for volunteering to be our new Membership Chairman. He took over the responsibilities from Curt Hoffman as of January 1, 2014. Help Joe out by updating your information when you renew your membership. That not only means addresses and phone numbers, but email addresses and current cars you own.

      Then I would like to thank Tod and Merrilee Brown for volunteering to be our new Newsletter Editors. They took over for Fred Baum starting with the April 2014 issue of the Rootes Review. Help Tod and Merrilee out by sending in articles, pictures, tech tips or anything else you think our membership would appreciate.

      Pam J

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