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      Jim Stone

      There are a number of tricks that have been used to increase brake light visibility. This months’ Rootes Review has an article on adding a 3rd brake light as one non-stock option. The other three I know are:

      1. Turning rear lights upside down to move the brake lights to the top.
      2. Switching to LED bulbs.
      3. Changing the brake light housing to a dual filiment bulb holder and wiring both lights to light at once.

      I have done the first two on my SV and believe they definitely help. One of these days I will probably do the third, although that takes a bit more work with the later light assemblies. I noticed an ad for a fourth option in the Rootes Review and decided to give it at try. Joe Parlanti sells "a unique brake light flasher which pulses the brake lights 4 times fast, 4 times slow then on continuously until the pedal is released." I’d bought instrument LEDs from Joe in the past and been very happy, so I decided to gamble $20 (Joe offers a 20% discount to TE/AE members) on one.

      The flasher (which only works if you already have LED’s installed) arrived just a few days after I’d ordered it and, true to Joe’s ad, was very simple to install. It already has bullet connectors on it for the stock wiring harness and simply ‘interrupts’ the circuit for the lights. Joe says it "takes about 5 minutes to install and requires no tools", which is only half correct, as it does require a screwdriver to install the ground wire. 🙂 It took me a little longer because I have an aftermarket (Pete’s Performance Wiring) harness and don’t use the bullet connectors. Also, Pete’s harness splits the brake wire ahead of the lights (unless I did that myself; I really don’t remember), so it was easiest for me to just install it right at the brake light switch. It is barely noticeable there, although that really doesn’t matter in a non-stock car like mine. But, it would be 100% hidden in a car using the stock harness. It works exactly as described and I have to believe that the initial quick flashes will attract more attention than normal. I am not sure the 4 slow flashes are all that helpful, but this feels like a big safety improvement to me.

      I have never met Joe and have no connection to his lighting business, but highly recommend his flasher.

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      Old thread, but I’m curious which LED brand to get for the brake lights.

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      Visit Joe’s website shown in the first posting and he sells the rear bulbs you need.

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      Jim Stone

      I bought mine from I used to live near them and was able to try a couple of different ones. My reviews of the ones I tried (all lights, not just brakes) is located here: … 399&page=3, thread #28. Unfortunately, the pictures are gone from the forum, although I could probably locate them if anyone really needed them. Also unfortunately, the 45-LED bulbs I used for the brakes are no longer available from Superbright. Their recommended replacement has 27 bulbs which at least is more than the 18’s I originally tested. They may also be brighter than the ones I bought, since that was 4 years ago. It is also worth contacting TE/AE President Joe Parlanti; his website is linked at the bottom of my original post.

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      Jim Stone

      Or, you could try these: I have never seen them in action, but like the concept. $95 per set sounds expensive, but that is probably about what you’d pay for a complete set of LED bulbs, and they are apparently 10% off today. So, this is worth it, if it is bright enough. I doubt the taillights would look stock when on, so that would be a consideration for some.

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