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      Hello all. Val and I just got back from our trip to Colorado Springs where we spent the week with my brother. We had a great time doing all the tourist stuff, but we also visited another Imp owner.

      I had been corresponding with this fellow Julian that bought an Imp a while back. I knew he lived near Colorado Springs, so we organized a meeting at his home. Its always exciting to meet people who have the same car as you. Its even more exciting when your car is so very rare. I had only ever seen THREE Imps in my life, that is counting the two we own. We swapped classic car stories and had a grand time.

      Julian’s mother had an Imp when he was a boy in England, and he was lucky enough to get one from an ebay auction. While is car was being delivered the trucker had an accident which ruined the very rare purple Imp which had been just purchased from a man in Georgia. The good bits were salvaged. Julian was so determined to get another Imp, he imported a RH drive Super Imp from England, which is in incredible shape. His whole story is covered in the Imp Club’s publication Impressions September 2008 Issue.

      We had a nice chat and then we went for a ride into Woodland Park to get some pizza for dinner. Julian’s Imp performed flawlessly up the mountain roads. We got all the usual wide-eyed stares that you always get when riding in an Imp. The snow covered cap of Pikes Peak loomed in the background as we took the mountain roads into town. It was an experience I’ll never forget. You can imagine what modifications were made to the original Solex carb to allow it to run properly at over 8 thousand feet above sea level.

      After our fun ride into town, we returned with pizza (kept nicely warm by the luggage shelf above the engine). The meeting of East and West was a fun experience. Val captured a video of us coming back up the driveway.

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      Eric and Valery,
      Isn’t it nice to meet other owners of the car you own! We had exectly the same experiences meeting other Venezia owners. Like my Paris story a while back in Rootes Review. Maybe you can get a story with pictures in the next RR.
      Cheers, Robert

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      I’ve got the story saved for the Rootes Review.

      Anything you want to add to it? Any photos of the Imp?


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