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      Coming soon in Classic Motorsports will be an article about IMPs. It will highlight the IMP as an answer to the 50’s gas crisis (what, there was one BEFORE 1973?)

      Fred Baum

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      The Suez Canal Crisis of 1956 was a big hit to the French and British firms that had large stakes in the control of the canal. When Egyptian President Nassar nationalized the canal, it caused a great deal of political unrest in Europe. Free transportation thru the canal was in jeopardy, no limits were made to the fees to pass through.

      Pres Eisenhower didn’t feel it was appropriate to bring action to this unfriendly act, so it didn’t really affect the US. However 1/3 of all the ships that passed through the canal were British, so their stake in the crisis was huge. They suffered a great deal with oil shortages in the late 50’s. 8 western ships were sunk by the Egyptians during the hostilities. There was talk of invasions, the Soviets were involved… it was a big international mess.

      Thus was born the economy car in Europe. There were "bubble" cars, micro cars, and Rootes responded with the development of the Imp and its derivatives.

      Looking forward to the article.

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      Thanks for the history lesson. 😀


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      I bet that Nick K’s Imp is the featured car-seeing how he is from Florida and all!
      Looking forward to the article. Eric

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      😳 Oh yes, now I remember… I supplied some historical material to the author. Now I’m really excited.

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