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      Since Hillmans were not a BMC product, our shade of engine green is nothing like the olive shades used on the Austin engines, etc.

      It is instead more toward the blue side of green, somewhere between the Grabber Green and Chrysler 383 engine paints by VHT. More accurately, it looks a lot like the Alpine Green used on Detroit Diesel engines and this is what I’m using in my light restoration, from DupliColor. Looks amazing.

      Along the same lines I wanted to give a slightly different finish to the passenger side column delete plate and to the Smiths heater box, rather than the gloss black they were born with. Thinking of the wrinkle finish black used on some Triumph dashes and lots of Jaguar manifolds, etc, I decided to go for an even more subtle grain, so I experimented with the spray truck bed liner from RustOleum Professional (any Auto Zone). It looks really uniform and bulletproof – great results.

      Don’t worry, the balance of the assemblies under the hood (heater Y-pipe, both horns, accel shaft support, etc) will be done in semigloss black, very similar to the original finish. Same for the AC oilbath air cleaner.

      Taking all the assemblies out just to paint seems crazy but it’s just so much more satisfying to get in and clean away 50+ years of grime and see the original factory paint still shining on the inner fenders….

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      Thanks for sharing your restoration tips with us. Can you post photos of your car sometime and I hope to see it at a show in the future! Eric

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      Sorry for the delay – getting some garage time and setting up a photobucket account around family in and out of town was tricky…..

      Any questions, please ask, but here’s four photos from some recent work (click on the link).

      The empty engine bay was me simply unbolting everything for degreasing/detailing/painting, scraping/washing the engine bay with mineral spirits, dried and lightly waxed to gain back the shine.

      I used Duplicolor DE1618 "Detroit Diesel Alpine Green engine color" for valve cover and intake (and thermo housing and water pump and soon, the engine block (not shown)); Calyx manifold dressing paste for the exhaust; Rust-O-Leum spray truck bed liner on the Smiths heater for a nice mild wrinkle finish and bulletproof covering; Regal Red spray on the fan and the inset letters on the replated boot lift trimplate.

      I used true aluminum foil tape (ShurTape duct work tape) to cover the openings to the manifolds while they were immersed in a warm TSP solution to degrease, finished with light application of a propane torch to drive off any traces of moisture/oil after two days of drying from the TSP bath.

      Need a great plating shop for small work? Look up Wells Plating in Collinsville, OK. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet, great prices and fast work.

      Still trying to find the right reproduction "Tecalemit" decal for the oil filter housing….

      David … 5.jpg.html

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      The work looks great. Thanks for sharing the photos and ideas.


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      Just a test post to try out image posting from Photobucket – learning for the first time.

      Sorry about using a link in the previous post.

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      Some before and after pictures of my drivetrain.

      The cradle sits on four iron swivelling casters, allowing easy movement around the garage, made from 2×4 studs and 3/4" plywood. The extra verticals on the pics with the transmission removed allow the engine to sit higher so the bellhousing and gearbox could be slid off using the engine hoist and some straps.

      With the transmission back on, I hammer off the verticals and allow the trans to sit on the rear mounts and it nicely rests horizontal.

      Scraping, mineral spirits, oven cleaner and any touchups with lacquer thinner are the fluids I used to get the longblock and head and all ancillary parts prepped for engine paint. This one is a lighter shade green than OEM but it’s easy to find in the US/Canada: Detroit Diesel "Alpine Green" from Duplicolor.

      Most bolts are capped in semi-gloss black or will be. Only the generator mount bolts and crankshaft bolt (both grade 5 with cadmium finish) will remain as such.

      Other parts in Alpine Green:

      water pump, thermostat outlet, oil filter base. intake manifold, valve cover

      Other parts and colors:

      fan blade (regal red), generator and starter (semi-gloss black), oil filter canister (semi-gloss black), exhaust manifold (TSP washed and rubbed with Calix paste), fuel pump (bare diecast finish).

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