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      My buddy who was going on the trip with me has bailed in the last hours.
      I am stuck trying to get 2 cars there by myself.
      I have the Tiger on my car trailer, sitting behind my 2001 Silverado 2500HD,
      and my 66 Alpine show/driver.
      I am looking for somebody to drive the truck to and from the event from just west of Chicago.
      I am just off I-90, town of Schaumburg.
      Was looking to have fun with the Alpine at the racetrack as well as being in the show and all the other events!
      I need to get the Tiger there on the other hand in order to get it TAC’d
      I plan on starting the restoration this fall but just want to make 100% sure it’s truely a Tiger before puting an open checkbook towards it!

      PS I looked EVERYWHERE for a trailer to fit both, won’t happen!
      If you think you might be able to help, please give me a call @ 630-973-3887

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      I live in PA and am noit going to make the United this year.

      However, If it was me I’d leave the Tiger at home and trail the Alpine. You can always (well, almost) find a TAC session but you’ll be sorry if you don’t take the Alpine since the whole United is about having a car there you can drive and participate in the events.

      Hope you are successful in your decision.

      Fred Baum

Viewing 1 reply thread
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