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      I wrote to but it bounced back.
      I may soon have involvement with an LROFE designation Tiger.
      Norm Miller told me that there was a pair of articles written by Jim Olmstead on the subject. I would love to get copies of them, or of
      the newsletters that contained them.

      Thanks in advance

      Steve Ralsten

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      Can you give me more details about the LROFE Tiger?
      Maybe that will jog some memory cells. Eric

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      I think that this was the lot of cars that were built for the law inforcment in Europe??? I think 8)

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      As far as I know they were built for sale in LH drive
      countries in Europe rather than for export to US
      or sale in GB. I think Olmstead owns one and did some
      writing on it. Is there an online access to TEAE newsletters
      or can you put me in touch with Olmstead ?


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      If you are a member of TE/AE, go to the website and you can download all the email addresses of members who have submitted them.

      Also, if you are a member you can get the Olmstead snail mail and phone number from the 2008 roster.

      Not a member? Consider joining to have access to almost 600 Rootes Group enthusiasts.

      Fred Baum
      Editor, the Rootes Review


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      Thanks but I’m a west coast guy (LA) so spending $29 to get an email address to read two articles seems kind of steep to me.


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      Lori & Dave Noyes

      I just acquired my dad’s complete stash of newsletters from 1980 to present, with a few earlier ones. If you know at least what year the articles were published, I could find and copy them for you if I have them.

      I think an online archive would be a great idea.

      Lori N.

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      "The History of the Olmstead Tiger" is in three parts.

      First part, August, 2006

      Second part, September, 2006

      Third part, October, 2006

      February, 2007 has an article about the HRO MKII Tigers on page 7.

      When in doubt, ask your trusty editor!!! 😀

      Fred Baum
      Yup, I’m the editor


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      Just noticed the new responses to this thread. Sent a pmail
      regarding getting copies of those 3 articles.


      Steve R

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