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      A friend called me and I went to look at this 54 Talbot. It is in pretty rough condition,mostly all parts are there I think as I don’t know much about them. The body is not bad but the frame has heavy rust. If anyone knows of someone that is interested I can put you in touch with the current owner as he definitely wants to sell it. He said he had it sold for $2000 to someone in Calif. but the guy never came and got it. I have pictures I can email. Any other infor. send me an email.The car is in Cincinnati Oh.

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      just want to ask about the car parts that you are selling, i mean do you have site like the car parts online store? i think its good to sell that parts and have a website for an easy access of the information. just an advise.

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      George, if you want to post pictures on here go ahead, or just forward them to me and I’ll see that its done. That will generate some attention. Do you know if the seller has a title for it?

      I know I can’t take on any more cars, but its worth the effort to see if someone else would be willing to rescue the Talbot from the tinworms.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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