Hi all:

I thought I’d give you an update on the wiring kits I helped develop and have for sale. To date I have sold nearly 30 units to Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger owners across the USA and Canada. Buyers include both Tiger and Alpine owners with several of them owning RHD cars. I have installed the wiring kit on Ol’ Blue, my ’67 Series V, as well as the ’66 Tiger I recently restored. I am presently working on a V6 conversion and will install the kit on that car as well.

If you are restoring your Tiger or Alpine, or if you are working on a V6 conversion the wiring kit is a great upgrade that will improve safety and reliability. No more Lucas "why did my headlights go out?" questions and circuit chasing!

Current pricing is shown on my webpage http://www.petesperformancewiring.com Shipping by USPS flat rate has proven to be quick and dependable.

from sunny South Dakota

Pete (Paul A on this forum)