I have run a 1 wire Delco Alternator on my SV Alpine 1725 engine for more than 6 years with not trouble. I simply followed the instructions that came with the Pete’s Performance wiring I purchased while doing the restoration of my SV. (NOTE: Paul A has turned over the wiring sales to Stev Suttleton Sunalp on the SAOCA Forum).

Later when I converted the engine to a FORD 2.8 V6 I “keep” the 1 wire Delco. It is a very simple conversion.

Recently I came upon an Article written by Tom Hayden (Tom H is on the SAOCA Forum) that covers the conversion of the Alternator and wiring for the SV to a 1 wire Hitachi 14231. Nicely written for even a dummy like me to follow.

I can’t figure a way to load the “DOCUMENT”, so send me an E-mail if you want it…..


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