We had a great time at the Outlets in Gettysburg today. The weather was nearly perfect. It wasn’t terribly hot and the breeze kept us refreshed on the shady-side of the street. In attendance were Carl, Vonda, Alton, Gary, Sinead, Valerie and I.

Val and I were greeted at the registration booth by a joyful woman who was so happy to see an IMP. Being the only IMP many folks had ever seen, we were asked to park on the sidewalk among the other more rare cars. We felt it was quite an honor for our seldom recognized little car. There was a buzz of activity around the IMP all day.

We picked up some tuning tips talking to some experienced mechanics. We didn’t see any new Sunbeams at the show, but we did meet a Tiger owner and perspective club member. We met lots of other interesting British car enthusiasts… while the ladies went shopping. It was a win-win show venue. It is surely an event to be patronized in the future. A BIG thanks to the LANCO MG club and the Gettysburg Outlet Shoppes for hosting such a great event. Gettysburg was buzzing with tourists and we got a lot of attention the whole day.

We held out till after the event for a nice meal at McClellan’s Tavern in downtown Gettysburg. We all had an uneventful trip back to York.