For the Alpine the lugnuts are 7/16" RH. (I am guessing the Tiger is also a 7/16"???)

You can check out a website for Mr. Lugnut


I use their #5002, 7/16" RH Closed Mag running a spacer on the race car… Without the spacer the lugnuts bottom out. So be careful.

I notice that NAPA list a short shank lug nut. #753-2552. This may be shorter than Mr. Lugnut’s version. I would investigate this setup first…. you could run without a spacer (I am sure you are aware of issues running spacers on certain brake drums styles on the Sunbeams).

Try the NAPA version. IF it is a 1/2" Thread try NAPA’s 735-2553.
Just get a set of 4 to test… try both front and rear before ordering the rest….