1964 Hillman Super Minx for parts Colorado Springs / Denver

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1964 Hillman Super Minx for parts Colorado Springs / Denver

Postby b947585 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:49 pm

In case anyone is interested there is a 1964 Hillman Super Minx at the U Pull & Pay in Colorado Springs. I had a Tiger in the 1970s and the front A-Arms and spindels on the Super Minx look exactly the same, except for missing the Rack & Pinion Steering and having Lockheed calipers instead of Girling. So if someone in the area has a Tiger / Alpine that has damaged a-arms or wants disc brakes on a early Hillman / Sunbeam, this could be a source at a very reasonable price. Cars at the U Pull & Pay are only on the lot for a few weeks so time is running out. Such a rare car these day hate to see good parts go to the crusher but I don't have time to pull. (Oh and the glass is good too if your looking for Hillman Super Mix Glass & Trim) Since the U Pull & Pay does not have Hillman the car database, the car is marked Test Testmodel 1964, Row 10

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