Undercoating removal tool that actually works!

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Undercoating removal tool that actually works!

Postby Ford_Crazy » Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:58 pm

I was dreading removing the undercoating on my new Tiger project. Over the years, I've tried everything; scraping, sand blasting, mineral spirts, heat, maybe even some Voodoo. They all work a little, but way too much trouble and mess. I was on the Internet looking for some alternatives, when I came upon a new tool that actually works. The tool is called a "Multi-Function Power Tool" and it's made by Pit Bull. The things cost about $40 from Amazon and it takes off undercoating like nothing I've ever seen. I comes with blades that vibrate back and forth. Sort of like rocking a razor blade only way faster and with less effort. I totally cleaned up one rear wheel wheel and half the underside of the trunk in about an hour. Love it!! :D

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