Replacing Door Outer Window Weather Strip
Using a New Tool

Fixing the weather stripping in an old car… Particularly an Alpine or Tiger Everybody loves to rest their arm on the open window ledge, feeling the wind in their face and blowing through their hair. My frustration is with the door to window outer seals or weather strip or “rubber window seals” or “rubber brushes” (more…)

Make your own weather striping correction tool

Fix the weather stripping space in your Tiger or Alpine The tool is made from a really cheap, small, Chinese pry bar, between 7 and 8 inches long. I like the orange handle, so I don’t lose sight of it. The pry bars come with a factory bend about an inch from  the tip of (more…)

Tiger Tools – A Field Guide

Words and photos by Bill Rogers Download a large pdf of this article PDFs open in new windows. Most images will display at full size upon click. What’s in a complete set of tools for a Sunbeam Tiger? As the price of Tigers has increased, more and more are appearing from barns, sheds, and from (more…)

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R1 – Rear Axle Hub Puller

by Ed Esslinger in the July 1996 RootesReview After trying many methods of removing rear (axle) hubs from Alpines and Tigers, I had my welding shop make this tool. The plate is 6” x 6”and is 3/8″ thick. The hole pattern is the same as the brake drum. Lug bolt holes 1/2″; U-channel is 1-1/4″ (more…)

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